10 Creative Thanksgiving PFP Ideas

Explore ten Thanksgiving PFP ideas you can easily recreate for your social media profiles in time for the holiday.

10 Creative Thanksgiving PFP Ideas

Thanksgiving is approaching, and soon, festive profile pictures will replace ordinary selfies to celebrate. Coming up with unique PFPs for every social media platform, however, can present challenges.

It's easy to run out of ideas or become overwhelmed with too many possibilities. To help you narrow down creative ideas for your social channels, I'm sharing ten Thanksgiving PFP ideas you can easily recreate.

Thanksgiving Turkey GIF

A few social media and community platforms allow users to upload GIFs as profile pictures. To stay true to turkey season, I found this colorful hand turkey GIF paired with text that would make for a cheerful PFP. You can use a GIF maker to transform original clips into animated GIFs or upload a video from the web to make your profile picture.

Thanksgiving Emoji PFP

You've used emojis to communicate emotions in messages, but have you tried using these tiny images as a PFP? There are only a few emojis related to this holiday, but with a little creativity you can come up with an eye-catching profile picture. You can combine an unlikely pair to create a head-turning design or keep it simple and use the classic turkey emoji. The choice is yours.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving PFP

Remain the star of your profile picture, then add an eye-catching frame for an aesthetic Thanksgiving PFP. Colorful autumn leaves, pumpkins, neutral color palettes, and plaid patterns are all possible frame designs to dress up your profile picture. Go the extra mile and add a filter to create that warm toned aesthetic commonly seen this time of the year.

Thanksgiving Anime PFP

With each season and holiday, you can expect anime profile pictures to make an appearance. For Thanksgiving, expect popular characters to be stylized to match the holiday. Overlays, borders, and backgrounds are easy way to take an existing anime PFP and make it match with the holiday. Use a background remover tool and you're well on your way to a new profile picture.

Snoopy Thanksgiving PFP

Is it even Thanksgiving without Snoopy and Charlie Brown? You can take these cherished characters from your TV screen to your profile to create a sweet PFP followers will adore. There are free stock photo sites with pictures of Snoopy and Charlie Brown or you can take to the web to find the right image. Resize the image for the desired social media platform and you're all set.

Quote Thanksgiving PFP

Spread gratitude on your profile with a Thanksgiving quote PFP. If you're starting from scratch, you can add text paired with different fonts and colors, and use graphics to create a unique design. I recommend keeping your text in the the center of the image since most profile pictures are cropped into a circle. Your quote can be as sentimental or funny as you want.

Turkey Disguise PFP

A turkey disguise PFP is perfect for online teachers hoping to create a memorable experience for students before the holiday break. This PFP is inspired by a game where students disguise a turkey from hungry guests. You can dress up your turkey then change your PFP to see if students notice. Below is an example of a turkey disguised as an astronaut.  

Thanksgiving Meme PFP

A Thanksgiving meme PFP is a humorous spin on the typical sentimental pictures most are used to seeing across profiles. In this example, I used the popular grump cat meme and added text relevant to the holiday.  You can explore other meme templates to create your own funny profile picture.

Thanksgiving Family Photo PFP

Families and friends from around the world gather at one destination this time of the year, so it's fitting that a family photo PFP makes this list. You can create a black and white effect with filters and use a transparent frame to make a nice picture frame for your profile picture.

Thanksgiving Default Avatar

Who knew the default avatar would become a popular option for a profile picture? User have taken this plain avatar and made it their own by adding fun embellishments, backgrounds, and overlays. A Thanksgiving default avatar can be as festive or simple as you like. I kept it simple with a plaid pattern.

With more than enough ideas from this list, you'll have a thanksgiving PFP in time for the holiday. Subscribe to our blog for more tutorials and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to connect with the Kapwing team. We always look forward to hearing from our creators!

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