How to Use Trim with Transcripts

Learn how to leverage auto-generated transcripts to edit your videos using Trim with Transcript on Kapwing.

How to Turn Off Notifications on Kapwing

To manage your notifications, log into your workspace and open your Account Settings, clicking your name on the top right hand side when logged into Kapwing. Under the notification section toggle the In App and/or Email notifications off or on as desired.

How to Use Keyframes on Kapwing

Interested in using keyframes to level up your videos by add smooth transitions and effects? Learn more on how to do so on Kapwing.

How To Create A Montage

Evoke an emotional response from your viewers when you create a video montage and add songs, special effects, or animated text. Assembling a collection of images and videos into a touching montage has never been easier.

How to use Brand Kit and Brand Templates in Kapwing

Consistency is key when it comes to creating content. This means creators need simple tools, like Brand Kits and Templates, to help create content quickly. Read on to learn how you can use Brand Kits and Brand Templates on Kapwing to streamline your editing process.

How to use Comments in Kapwing

Feedback is essential in collaboration work. Read on to find out how you can streamline the feedback process in your Kapwing projects by leaving comments.

How to use Text-to-Speech in Kapwing

Convert text to speech and make auto-generated voiceovers with Kapwing. This tutorial will explain how to use our Text-to-Speech feature to make your videos more engaging.

How to Use Smart Cut & Find Scenes

Tired of having to cut out dead, quiet clips from your video? We’ve made it easier with Smart Cut in Kapwing.

How to Use the Screen and Camera Recorder on Kapwing

Learn how to record your screen and camera simultaneously in Kapwing.

Advanced Editing Tips for Kapwing

There are a bunch of features and keyboard shortcuts on Kapwing that you may not have known about. Read on to learn all of the advanced tips and techniques to streamline your editing on Kapwing.