Kapwing Pro refers to Kapwing's premium subscription. You can upgrade and read more about pricing on our pricing page.

What are the Pro features? Why should I upgrade?

Nearly all of Kapwing’s tool are available to for free for first-time creators and one-off situations. However, if you use Kapwing often or use it for work, Kapwing Pro will make your workflow faster and more collaborative.

Kapwing Pro allows you to do more faster. The premium plan includes:

  • Faster exporting times: Pro users get dedicated servers for video processing, meaning that video processing wait times are up to 2x faster.
  • Infinite Storage: All of your videos will be backed up to your Workspace. You can load older projects and edit and store all projects indefinitely.
  • Export longer and larger videos: With Kapwing Pro, you can export videos up to 40 minutes long. In comparison, free users can only export videos that are shorter than 7 minutes. Pro Creators can also upload files up to 1GB in size and do not have any limits on how much video they export every month.
  • Privacy: Ensure that only you can see the final video and protect the website from being accessed by people on the open web.
  • Premium Tools: Upload custom fonts, Download SRT files for closed captioning, and auto-transcribe your videos.
  • Priority access to customer support: We strive to get back to our Pro Customers within a day of the first email.

When you upgrade to Kapwing Pro, you will be supporting our website’s growth and maintenance. We're a startup and are constantly adding new features that you will inherit at no additional cost if you subscribe now.

If I upgrade, can I access older projects?

Yes – a Pro subscription gives you access to edit older projects in your workspace. Before you upgrade, your older videos will appear "locked," but they will be "unlocked" once you upgrade the Workspace.

If you have an old project that you want to access, or your current project will take longer than 2 days to edit, that's the perfect time to upgrade to Pro.

What is the difference between the upload and the export limit?

Free and Pro accounts each have limits around what size file they can upload and the duration of an exported video.

The upload limit refers to how large any one file that you upload to Kapwing can be. The export limit refers to how long your final project is when you go to export.

Can I export videos longer than 40 minutes?

Currently, Kapwing Pro creators cannot export videos longer than 40 minutes. They can export videos up to 40 minutes in length. If you try to export a video over 40 minutes long, you will be prompted to edit the length of your video.

This limitation exists for technical reasons. Kapwing is a web product, which makes it faster, easier, and more accessible. However, it's also a technical challenge to pass a lot of data to our Cloud servers reliably. Our engineering team knows that this is a big limitation for users and is working on new solutions to streamline uploading, downloading, and processing. We're hoping to increase our 40 minute limit soon.

If you have a video that is longer than 40 minutes, you'll need to break it into shorter chunks or use a different editor for those videos. You can upload files over 40 minutes long as long as they are under 1GB. But you will need to trim down your video before exporting your video.

What is the upload limit?

The upload limit refers to the limits on how large your upload files can be.

You can upload any supported file type to Kapwing, as long as it is no larger than 250MB for Free users or 1GB for Pro users.

While the exporting time limit is 7 minutes for Free users and 40 minutes for Pro users, you can upload content that is longer than that, as long as it is smaller than the upload file size limit. Just make sure your final video is below that time limit when you go to export!

Link uploads are limited to 40 minutes. If you are unable to upload from a link, we recommend downloading that video and uploading it as a file from your device instead.

Do I need to upgrade each workspace?

A Pro subscription is associated with one Workspace. When you upgrade, that Free Workspace becomes a Pro Workspace.

You can have Free and Pro workspaces. If you need Pro features on more than one Workspace, you will need to upgrade each Workspace separately.


Do you offer a free trial?

Kapwing's tools are available for free so you can try all of our tools before deciding to upgrade. Think of every Free Workspace as a free trial.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educators?

We do not offer discounts or tax exemptions, but we do offer free upgrades to Pro in two ways:

  1. Do you run a website or blog? If you write an article about Kapwing, we'll happily upgrade you for free! It must have at least:

    - 500 words of original content
    - One original screenshot or photo
    - One link back to Kapwing

    Here are some examples: EdTech Roundup, Add captions using Kapwing, and Footage Fixer.
  2. We offer free upgrades to schools who add Kapwing as one of their library resources.

If you meet either of these requirements, contact us with a link to your blog post or library resource list.

Do you offer Enterprise pricing for larger teams?

Yes! We are piloting an Enterprise plan with several beta partners now. Please contact us to find out more.

Can I get a quote?

If your team, enterprise, or institution needs a custom pricing plan, please reach out to our sales team at [email protected]. Otherwise, the pricing for our standard Pro tools is non negotiable and is listed on our Pricing page. All prices are listed in USD and payments are charged in USD.


Will my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, all subscriptions are renewed automatically but can be cancelled at any time. Your next payment will process at the end of your billing cycle, either one month or one year from when you upgraded to Pro.

Is Kapwing a monthly or annual subscription?

Kapwing offers both a monthly and annual subscription. The annual subscription has a 15% discount, so we recommend it if you use Kapwing a lot!

If you only need Pro features for a short time, we recommend a Monthly subscription. You can downgrade your Workspace at any time.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription, you will still have access to your Pro features through the end of your billing cycle.

Can you update the billing information on my invoice?

All paid invoices and receipts are final and cannot be updated. You may contact [email protected] to update your billing information for future invoices, but we will not update past receipts/invoices.

Subscriptions are non-transferable.


I upgraded to Pro but still don't have access to the Pro features.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to access your Pro features even after you've subscribed:

  • Incorrect login: All Kapwing subscriptions are tied to an email address, and you need to be signed in with that email address in order to access the Kapwing Pro account. Your email address is the same as the email address where you should receive a Kapwing Pro receipt. Make sure that the Google or Facebook account you upgraded with is the same one you're currently logged in with.
  • Incorrect Workspace: Kapwing Pro subscriptions only apply to one Workspace; each Workspace you create must be upgraded separately. The Workspace that you upgraded should have a green Pro label in the left Workspace sidebar, while Free Workspaces will have text indicating it can be upgraded to Pro. If you're not able to access Pro features, it may be that you've accidentally created your project in a free Workspace. Fix this problem by going back to the Workspace and moving the project to your Pro Workspace. Click the "..." menu by the project and click "Move Workspace."
Pro and Free Workspace Identifiers

How do I cancel my Pro subscription?

We're sorry to see you go! You can cancel your Pro subscription by signing in, navigating to Workspace > Settings (the gear icon), and clicking "Downgrade Workspace".  Learn more about cancelling here.

How long will I have access to the Pro features after cancelling?

You will still have access to your Pro features through the end of your billing cycle - either one month or one year from when you upgraded to Pro.

You can check the date of your upcoming cycle and when the current Pro subscription renews in your Workspace Settings:

Can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds with very rare exceptions. Because we give away so many features for free, we depend on the Kapwing Pro payments to stay afloat as a business. We recommend users test Kapwing fully with our free tools before upgrading. Because we want users to make informed purchase decisions with as much information as possible, we ask that customers acknowledge this refund policy before subscribing on our checkout page.

If you purchase an annual plan and change your mind, you can contact us within 30 days for a refund at the prorated amount.

Still have a question?

You can contact us.