Our Watermark Policy

Our Watermark Policy

If you are a creator using the free plan on Kapwing, you may notice that a watermark is added to your projects. Read on to learn more about when watermarks are added to Kapwing projects, how they affect free plan users, and why we made this decision.

Our watermark policy

A watermark is added to all projects made by users on the free plan, while no watermarks are added to projects made by users on the Kapwing Pro paid plan.

The watermark will be in the bottom right corner of exported projects

Users with the Kapwing Pro plan can export unlimited watermark-free projects. If you're on the free plan and want that capability, learn more about Kapwing Pro on our pricing page.

Free plan users who upgrade to Kapwing Pro can remove all watermarks from previously created projects by re-exporting them.

Why we use watermarks

We know watermarks can be frustrating. We dislike watermarks just as much as you do and are working hard to balance running a sustainable business with serving all creators. While we’d love to offer all our services for free, we also need a way to cover our costs so we can continue operating.

Every project made on Kapwing costs us money to process and store in the cloud, and those costs add up. Adding a watermark to projects provides valuable resources that help keep our platform available to creators globally. We also try to balance this with giving creators the freedom to make longer videos, which this policy enables.

To learn more about why we use watermarks in the first place, check out this blog post.

If you find value in Kapwing, please consider upgrading to Kapwing Pro for unlimited exports without watermarks.


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