If you are a creator using the free plan of Kapwing, you may notice a watermark is added to some of your projects. Read on to learn more about when watermarks are added to Kapwing projects, how they affect free plan users, and why we made this decision.

Our watermark policy

A watermark is added to all projects made by users who aren't signed-in to a Kapwing account. Creating a Kapwing account is free for everyone and allows users to save and access their projects.

Once signed-in, creators on the free plan can export one project without a watermark per month. After that one export, a watermark will be added to each project made for the rest of the month.

The watermark will be in the bottom right corner of exported projects
  • This limit resets on the first day of the calendar month. On that day, free users can export another project without a watermark.
  • There is no rollover of watermark-free exports between months.
  • All types of Kapwing projects are included in this limit, from images to videos and GIFs. Each separate export counts towards the limit, even if you are re-exporting an existing project.
  • If you upgrade to Kapwing Pro, you can remove all watermarks from previously created projects by re-exporting them.

Free users can also export videos that are up to 30 minutes long. This means creators on the free plan can export one video per month that is up to 30 minutes long and won't have a watermark. After one watermark-free project has been exported, videos can still be up to 30 minutes long and will have a watermark.

Kapwing Pro users can export unlimited watermark-free projects. If you're on the free plan and want that capability, learn more about Kapwing Pro on our pricing page.

Why we use watermarks

We know watermarks can be frustrating. We dislike watermarks just as much as you do and are working hard to balance running a sustainable business with serving all creators. While we’d love to offer all our services for free, we also need a way to cover our costs so we can continue operating. Every project made on Kapwing costs us money to process and store in the cloud, and those costs add up. Adding a watermark to projects provides valuable resources that help keep our platform available to creators globally. We also try to balance this with giving creators the freedom to make longer videos, which this policy enables.

To learn more about why we use watermarks in the first place, check out this blog post.

If you find value in Kapwing, please consider upgrading to Kapwing Pro for unlimited exports without watermarks.

How to get Kapwing Pro for free

Don't want to pay for a Kapwing Pro subscription out-of-pocket? Here are some other ways you can get Kapwing Pro for free:

1. Become a Kapwing Affiliate

Earn a free Kapwing Pro subscription in addition to cash and other perks by telling people about Kapwing. Learn more and sign up here.

2. Invite creators through our Referral Program

Introduce people to Kapwing and get $5 in Kapwing credit for every person who creates a new Kapwing account! Referring just five new people is enough to redeem a Kapwing Pro subscription for a month. Sign into your account and visit the Referrals tab on the left side of your workspace to learn more.


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