32 Creative YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire You in 2023

Your YouTube channel is only as good as its content. If you're feeling low on inspiration, we've rounded up a bevy of unique YouTube video ideas to try.

32 Creative YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire You in 2023

When it comes to online video, YouTube is the place to be—some would even call it the "jewel" of the internet. Other platforms have tried, but no one has conquered longform video quite like YouTube.

Starting a YouTube channel is an excellent way to support your brand with video content, or build your personal brand as an individual creator. But whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for fresh YouTube videos.

Finding the right formats and ideas for your channel will get you well on your way to building subscribers and monetizing your YouTube channel.

To help, we’ve curated a list of popular YouTube video ideas to get those creative juices flowing and inspire your next video.

  1. Channel introduction video
  2. “Get to know me” video
  3. Day in the life
  4. Get ready with me
  5. What’s in my bag
  6. Behind the scenes of your video production
  7. Shopping haul
  8. Travel vlog
  9. My favorite things
  10. Behind the scenes of your brand
  11. Pack an order
  12. Meet your brand’s team
  13. History of your brand
  14. Product tips and tricks
  15. Product testing
  16. Review videos
  17. Product unboxing
  18. React to another video
  19. React to DIY videos
  20. Q&A
  21. Viewers pick my…
  22. Collaborations
  23. Make a video using AI
  24. Turn a video into a YouTube short
  25. Turn an article in a YouTube video
  26. Take part in a challenge
  27. Create an ASMR video
  28. Let’s play gaming video
  29. Comedy skits
  30. Tutorial videos
  31. YouTube tips and tricks
  32. Expert opinions and recommendations

Below, we’ll break down each of these YouTube video ideas.

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“Get to know you” YouTube video ideas

These video ideas will help your audience get to know you as either a creator or the face of your brand.

Even for a branded account, it’s important to have recurring characters and familiar faces. It’s a great idea to create YouTube videos that allow your audience (and the YouTube algorithm) to get familiar with those characters. When people endear themselves to a creator, they’ll come back time and again to watch their new content.

1. YouTube channel introduction video

An introduction video is the perfect way to kick off a new channel with your first YouTube video.

Use this format to introduce yourself as a creator—talk about your background, your goals for the YouTube channel, and what people can expect from your content.

As a brand, this is also a time to talk about your product or service and what you plan to share on the YouTube channel. In either case, this video can be featured on your channel’s landing page as a channel trailer.

Here’s an example from a small YouTuber named The Exploring Beauty. In this simple video, the creator clearly states what kind of content she’ll be making, as well as where to find her on social media.

2. “Get to know me”

A “get to know me” video is a way to get to know the star of your channel. This is an opportunity to show off your personality and what makes you unique as a voice on YouTube.

You can talk about your likes and dislikes, your journey on YouTube so far, your particular area of expertise, or anything else that will help your audience get to know you as a person.

Here’s an example from Farjana Drawing Academy, a drawing tutorial channel. Farjana usually doesn’t show her face on the channel, but took this as an opportunity to reveal herself to her watchers.

3. Day in the life

A day in the life video is a more intimate glimpse into the day-to-day life of you or your channel’s star. This can be as simple as taking the viewer along from waking up and eating breakfast, to running errands, to producing content, to hanging out with your pets.

Here’s one from creator Emma Marie.

4. Get ready with me

This is a popular YouTube video idea for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers, but anyone can give it a try. In these videos, creators chat with their audience while getting ready for the day or for a special event.

Brands can use this format as a way to showcase products, such as skincare or makeup.

This get ready with me YouTube video was made by the makeup brand Rare Beauty. It introduces us both to the line’s creator, Selena Gomez, and shows off products along the way.

5. What’s in my bag

In these YouTube videos, creators go through the items they carry everyday in their bag or purse. Again, this can be an opportunity for brands to talk about their products and how they incorporate them into a daily routine.

For example, Kylie Jenner showed what she carries in her purse, which just so happened to include some of her own branded products.

6. Behind the scenes of your video production

Audiences are always curious about how YouTubers run their channel, so give them a glimpse behind the scenes. It serves as inspiration for aspiring creators and showcases your creative process.

In this video, creator Claudia Sulewski shows viewers what equipment she uses to film her videos and digs into her editing process.

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7. Shopping hauls

Shopping haul videos have enduring popularity on YouTube. The basic format is you show off, one-by-one, every item from a shopping trip or online order. Although clothing is popular, these can be adjusted for more niche topics.

For example, here’s a video from Alexa Raye going through a haul of books.

8. Travel vlog

This is like a “day in the life” video but instead of a regular day, it’s following you on a trip.

Here’s creator Safiya Nygaard vlogging her trip to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

9. My favorite things

In this video, you share a list of your favorite products, shows, books, recipes, or anything else. Think of it like a BuzzFeed listicle, but in video form. You can round up your favorites from a particular category, or list your favorites within a time period.

Here’s a video from YouTuber juicyjas rounding up her favorite makeup products for 2022.

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YouTube video ideas for small businesses

As a small business on YouTube, it will get boring and repetitive if all your videos are centered around selling your product. Use your channel to show audiences the people behind your brand, your business’ story, and other tidbits that show off your brand’s voice.

10. Behind the scenes of your brand

Take viewers behind the scenes of your business by showing how you run it. This can include creating new products, putting orders together, or a walkthrough video of your offices or warehouse.

This can be a “day in the life” style video, like this one from Etsy shop owner Cassie Council.

11. Pack an order

This is like the opposite of an unboxing video. Take viewers through your process of putting together an order for shipping. This is often combined with ASMR, which we’ll talk more about later.

Here’s an example from Mermaid Straw, who also often posts packing videos as YouTube Shorts.

12. Meet the team

YouTube is driven by people and personalities, so don’t be shy! Even as a business, audiences want to get to know the people behind the brand. It’s also a great way to talk about your business’ values and approach to your product.

Here’s an example from a security risk management consultancy firm. In it, you get to hear the backstories and expertise of every team member.

13. History of the brand

Create a YouTube video that shares the story of how your business came to be. It can be inspirational for other entrepreneurs and also showcases your brand’s unique origins and philosophy.

Here’s a cute animated video example from UK accessory brand Olivia Burton.

14. Product tips and tricks

You’re the best expert on how to use your own products or services. Make YouTube videos that educate your audience on how to get the most out of their purchase.

In this video, Adidas demonstrates how to properly use its foam roller for runners.

15. Product testing

Showing off the durability or other capabilities of your products by filming a test. This shows your confidence in your product—in turn increasing customers’ confidence in making a purchase.

In this fun YouTube video, GORE-TEX tests just how waterproof their products are.

Reaction YouTube video ideas

Audiences love a hot take. Instead of creating a YouTube video idea from scratch, try making a reaction video, whether it’s reacting to another video, a product, or trying a tutorial.

16. Review videos

Product review videos are immensely popular on YouTube. Many people search for review videos before buying a product for themselves, especially on YouTube. If you’ve recently tried a new product and have strong opinions, create a review video and share that with your audience.

Beauty influencer NikkieTutorials is known for her review videos of new makeup products and she’s built a lot of trust with her followers by being fair and honest.

17. Product unboxing

Product unboxing videos recreate the thrill of a new purchase—except someone else is footing the bill. These are popular for products that have iconic packaging, like Apple products, or there’s also mystery unboxing videos where the creator and audience share in the surprise.

Here’s a creator unboxing $100 worth of mystery Squishmallows.

18. Reaction video

Reaction videos are a popular format on YouTube and are easy to make. Find a video you have a strong response to or one that you feel you can add additional commentary to. That could be music videos, movie trailers, or videos from other creators.

These videos can often spark debates in the comments, making them especially great for increasing engagement.

Some channels exclusively create reaction videos, like REACT. Here’s a video of millennials and Gen Z reacting to iconic music videos.

19. React to DIY videos

There’s tons of tutorial videos on YouTube, and trying them out can make for hilarious and engaging content.

Here’s creator Kallmekris trying out hacks from Five Minute Crafts with very funny results.

Audience interaction YouTube video ideas

Audiences on YouTube don’t just passively watch content, they want to interact with creators. Show some love to your audience by creating videos in partnership with your commenters, or with other creators.

20. Q&A

As you build an audience and attract comments, viewers will inevitably have questions for you. You can reply in the comments, but why not make a YouTube video responding to those queries instead.

You can either collect comments over time, or put a prompt in your own comment section asking for questions.

Here is creator Moriah Elizabeth answering questions that have been left under her videos.

21. Viewers pick my…

Another way to interact with your audience is to let them completely influence a video. “Viewers pick my…” videos are when a creator lets viewers dictate their actions, like picking an outfit, a makeup style, a recipe, or anything else. It shows that you value your audience and want them to be part of your videos.

Here’s a video of Amazing Phil letting viewers pick his outfits.

22. Collaborations

Collaborating with a fellow creator or brand is like creating a crossover episode that viewers of both channels will love. Pick an activity or theme that suits both of your brands and take it from there.

For example, here’s a collab video with mega-popular creators Emma Chamberlain and James Charles.

Quick YouTube video ideas

Don’t have a lot of time? No problem. These YouTube video ideas can be made quickly.

23. Make a video using AI

AI technology has come a long way and can now create videos based on text, image, and video inputs. There are several AI video generators and other programs available online to give this a try.

This video from MattVidPro AI shows you how to create a video using one of these programs.

24. Turn a video into a YouTube Short

Instead of a longform video, try creating a YouTube Short. Shorts are similar to TikToks—they’re short form, vertical videos that are 60 seconds or less. You can create a Short by repurposing video from TikTok or Instagram, or by cutting down a longer YouTube video.

This video combines the reaction format with a Short.

Learn more:

25. Turn an article in a YouTube video

If you have an article published on your blog or other publication, you already have the basis for a video. Many explainer videos are based on articles.

BuzzFeed News, for example, turns its articles into short videos by summarizing the article with a talking head.

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Ideas for entertaining YouTube videos

YouTube is very much a platform for entertainment, so amuse your audience with these video ideas.

26. Challenge videos

Much like TikTok, there are challenges that go viral and ripple through YouTube. You can start your own or try one started by another creator. Posting these can give you a lift if users are searching for challenge videos on YouTube.

For example, a popular idea for these challenge videos was to try these very spicy “fire noodles.”

27. Create ASMR

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a pleasant sensation that some people feel when they hear pleasant sounds or particular movements. ASMR videos are very popular on YouTube and you can make one doing almost anything.

W Magazine’s YouTube channel has a popular series of celebrities trying ASMR.

28. Let’s play

Let’s play videos show creators playing a video game while making commentary, either live or pre-recorded. You don’t need to be a pro gamer—audiences love watching a creator try a game for the first time.

Lilsimsie, for example, has dedicated their channel to playing The Sims.

29. Comedy skits

Comedy skits are a classic variety of YouTube videos. Gather some pals and show off your sense of humor. Similarly, you can try making prank videos or music videos.

Here’s an example from Zebra Corner.

Educational YouTube video ideas

If you want to know how to do just about anything, you’ll find instructions on YouTube. People are always searching for educational content on YouTube, so try creating some yourself.

30. Tutorial videos

What are you good at? What can you show other people how to do? Maybe it’s repairs around the home, or a craft, or a recipe. Show off your skills and help other people find solutions with tutorial videos.

Binging with Babish is a series of cooking tutorial videos that break down how to make all kinds of dishes.

31. YouTube tips and tricks

Aspiring YouTubers love to hear advice, tips, and tricks from those who are succeeding on the platform. If you’ve managed to gain a following and views, share your secrets with others.

Creating YouTube thumbnails, for example, is a special skill unto itself. Here’s a tutorial showing how to make them.

32. Expert opinions and recommendations

Share your area of expertise in an opinion video, or recommend products, treatments, or other solutions.

Dr. Aachal MD, for example, is a dermatologist who uses her expertise to offer recommendations for face washes in this video.

Tools to find video ideas for your YouTube channel

If this list isn’t enough to spark an idea, these tools will help you out.

AI tools for YouTube ideas

You can use AI-powered tools to think of fresh video ideas for YouTube. For example, ChatGPT is an AI model that can respond to written inputs.

Here’s what it suggested when asked for YouTube video ideas for a beauty vlogger.

Screenshot of ChatGPT 3.5 coming up with a variety of ideas for a beauty vlogger on YouTube. The ideas are presented in a numbered list.

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YouTube keyword tools

A keyword generator can show you what people are searching for on YouTube and suggest words that can spark an idea for a video. Some tools include:

For example, in Ahrefs, if you ask for keywords related to “fashion,” it tells you popular search terms and their volume.

Screenshot of Ahrefs keyword tool that offers a list of YouTube ideas for channels focused on fashion and apparel.

Create a content calendar

If you do stumble on a good idea for a YouTube video, don’t forget it! Create a content calendar to keep track of all your ideas and plan out when to post them.

This will help you keep track of your content as well as plan for the future.

You can make one using a simple spreadsheet, or use a tool like TubeBuddy.

Never run out of YouTube video ideas

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your first YouTube video or your hundredth, this list of YouTube video ideas should keep you going for a long time. All these video ideas are repeatable, popular, and worth trying out.

Good YouTube video ideas can be found by using AI or keyword tools, but the best way to find new ideas is to watch other creators and apply your own spin. Keep track of what’s trending on YouTube and never be afraid to try something new.

Get inspired, keep creating content, interact with your community, and build a YouTube channel that viewers will visit again and again.

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