Meet the Winners of the Kapwing Creators Fund Fall 2020 Class

We are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Kapwing Creators Fund cycle. These emerging creators span the creative gamut and include film makers, streamers, YouTubers, TikTokers, poets, musicians, and more. We are humbled by their passion, heart, and the work they do to inspire others.

Meet the Winners of the Kapwing Creators Fund Fall 2020 Class

It started with a question: what should we do with the money we make from our YouTube channel?

Since our founding in 2017, Kapwing has worked to support creators primarily through our online video editing platform that empowers people to make and share their stories on the internet. In 2020, a year of economic uncertainty, we also saw the importance of creators supporting themselves financially. So, we decided to turn our extra YouTube revenue stream back around to the creative community that supports us, and the Kapwing Creators Fund was born. Through the Creators Fund, we give our YouTube ad revenue back to creators through $200 grants that they can use for their creative pursuits.

Today, we are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Kapwing Creators Fund cycle. These emerging creators span the creative gamut and include film makers, streamers, YouTubers, TikTokers, poets, musicians, and more. We are humbled by their passion, heart, and the work they do to inspire others.

While our Fall 2020 application is closed, stay tuned for applications to reopen in Spring 2021! Follow Kapwing on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

Meet our Kapwing Creators Fund winners for Fall 2020:


A "mental health cheerleader," Mxiety's founder Maria Shanley hopes to make mental health info accessible to all through expert interviews, lived experience, and open discussion plus cozy games and an awesome community #bethelight  

Website | Twitter | Twitch

Khamisi Hamisi

Khamisi Hamisi is a writer, producer, and film director based in Likoni, Kenya. He creates short films about how different things affect the society. Some of his films like Peace have gained recognition by being selected in the Lift Off Network short film awards.

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Singer-songwriter, Neffy, clings to her soulful roots in her folk-R&B lyrics.  Her songs are “pure soul, killing you softly ‘till the end” (WAMU 88.5). The Arlington, Virginia native frequents the lineup for global music platform, Sofar Sounds, playing over 100+ performances in New York, D.C, and Philadelphia in the last two years. She is currently writing for her forthcoming project.

Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify

Stephen Leslie

I am a devoted meditator and retired counselor and hospice chaplain.  Because of my 47 meditation practice I often have flashes of inspiration, dreams and visions which I like to share with others.  I am a published poet and writer and like to post  my poems and stories on YouTube.

YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

Preston Norman

When I first started back in August 2018 the idea was to get more eyes and ears on local Chicago musicians. This website turned into my own personal portfolio to showcase everything I have to offer including music, photography, experimental videos, interviews, graphic design, and gifs. Subscribe to my YouTube page for more!

Twitter @theurbanearworm | Twitter @prestonnorm | Instagram


I'm a variety streamer on Twitch called SirenHellVixen. I stream a variety of games on my channel including big name games you will know and smaller indie games you may not. I'm chronically ill, disabled and unable to work so streaming is not only a hobby but also my only job.

Twitch | Twitter | Facebook

Rahul Pandey

I'm a software engineer who leaves teaching and talking about tech. My day job is at Facebook, I teach an Android class at Stanford on the side, and I'm also an edu YouTuber. I split my content in two broad areas: (1) tutorial-based videos for building apps and (2) talking to people in tech about their journey.

YouTube | Twitter


My name is Gentlecat. I make funny videos online so other people can laugh.


Danni Bowens

I am a certified Health and Life Coach. In an effort to connect with people, I make videos about healthy living and share them on my social media feeds. When I got started, I knew nothing about video editing! Kapwing made it easy for me. I look forward to continuing to create with the help of Kapwing.

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook


I am known as the Imfamous test subject but you can call me Imfamousx1x. I am a variety streamer, cosplayer/model, and mother. Through my streams, I promote mental health awareness, body positivity, and loving your individuality via the enjoyment of gaming. Being able to use my platform to help bring these messages to others means a lot to me.

Twitch | Twitter | Instagram


I'm an upcoming gaming/commentary channel that's looking to have fun and make people smile! If you want to see me through this journey feel free to follow my socials.

YouTube | Twitter


My name is Authentic_Teecee. I make content that I feel will make people happy and I am positive in my affirmations that one day this will become my full time job. It has always been my passion since I was a young kid. I want nothing more than to use my art to help others do the same and create a creatively supported chain reaction. I decided to be happy and creating makes me happy. I'm a video editor, a musician, a poet, an artist, and now more than anything I am a believer in my craft. I wish I had a me growing up but more than that, I wish I knew who I was. Now that I do, I have decided to say no to my job and follow my dreams. That is reflected in my free spirited and energetic content. I left myself with no option until now I literally have no choice but to create. I can't describe my own content, that's what the comment section is for haha! (wink wink) Go leave me some love.

TikTok | Instagram | YouTube

Mikey Pena

I’m a variety streamer who loves Nintendo games, designing, and loves to chill and have a nice conversation with their viewers.

Twitch | YouTube | Twitter

Dasom Lee

My purpose is two-fold: create and inspire. A passionate YouTuber, my channel exudes travel, college lifestyle tips, and fashion & beauty. As Executive Producer and Host for two podcasts, Radically Honest demystifies the tangible keys to success through raw storytelling. We interview influencers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Before We Make It discusses epiphanies behind the growing pains of transitioning from college to adulthood.

Instagram | YouTube | Podcast


Hi there! I'm Lanz, a variety streamer. As a variety streamer, it is important to know that the main entertainment factors of your streams are you, your audience, and the intractability of your streams. This has allowed me to create fun and engaging activities that my community loves to use and makes every stream spontaneous and crazy.

Twitch | Instagram | Twitter

Brian Tieu

Brian is an undergraduate at Princeton University studying computer science. His current work includes digital animation, infographics on environmentalism, enamel pin production, and graphic design. He currently spends his time promoting his latest Kickstarter campaign, curating his shop “bearthumbs” on Etsy and Instagram, and eating his cereal with ice (it’s worth it, I promise!).

Carrd | Instagram | Etsy

Chrissy Belton

I believe in all things creative. I'm an artist and videos are a great way to share my creative process with others. I love sharing my paintings, project preparation, and even a few crafting tips.

Instagram | Facebook

Señor Pequeños

I try to make original, comedic videos/sketches where my goal is to be a movement that positively affects the attitude of social media with my fantasy being to put my siblings through school.  I’m a singer/band leader striving to be an actor/voiceover artist and/or podcast host.  In my day job, I’m a manager/mechanical engineer currently working towards my Master’s.      

TikTok | Instagram | YouTube

Carla Thomas

Fly Girl. Writer. Stylist. TV Host. Carla is a multimedia creative. Hailing from Baltimore, cultivated at Howard University and now thriving in Brooklyn, Carla is an around the way girl who is quietly brilliant. She creates fun and cool relatable content. She’s always on a plane or in a showroom.

Twitter | Instagram | Website

Slopes Sama

Hi I'm Slopes. I have a YouTube channel that covers all things tech with a dash of comedy. I love building prototypes and reviewing interesting tech. I do this as an escape from my corporate job as a software developer because I like building the stuff I want and not what the corporate overlords tell me to.

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

Ishan Sharma

I'm Ishan Sharma, a second year electrical engineering student, and I enjoy creating content for college students in India to make them aware of the career opportunities that they can pursue. I do podcast interviews with software developers and startup founders to learn from their experiences. I love to see a positive impact in the community through my work.

YouTube | Instagram

Kristen Merritt

I am a vocalist, guitarist, and novice music producer based out of Brooklyn, NY. I love to tell stories with my music, and I've found my musical home in the neo-soul/funk/alt space. I aim to explore and create meaningful connections with people through my music, as so many countless other musicians have done for me. My music (and video that goes along with it) is true to who I am: simple, silly, and always soulful.

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok


Born Kizzy Aqueelah Kinte, known by internet alias KreativMind9. Actor and multi-platform content creator focused on building a thriving internet community centered on positivity and escapism. Kreativ enjoys games such as Call of Duty and The Sims 4, where she loves building and designing houses for the gallery. Her content is sure to bring laughter and joy to your day.

Twitter | Instagram

Helen Li (Fresh Off the Vote Podcast)

Fresh Off the Vote is a grassroots podcast on a mission to reimagine the active citizen and make civic engagement more accessible. At our core, we have honest conversations on what it means to be Asian American Zillenials (Gen-Z + Millennials) and inform our listeners of ways that we can push ourselves to make change in our communities.

Website | Spotify | Instagram

Stay tuned for Kapwing Creators Fund applications to reopen for our next cycle in Summer 2021! Follow Kapwing on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

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