Magusz: Digital Art in a Digital Age

Art is the way we express ourselves and as the digital age booms, so does digital art.

Magusz: Digital Art in a Digital Age

Art is the way we express ourselves and as the digital age booms, so does digital art.

About Magusz

Magusz is a digital artist focused on creating Visionary & Psychedelic art and uses Kapwing. He has the philosophy of making time to enjoy life. To implement this he enjoys drinking his coffee every morning in his garden, taking his dogs for walks and enjoying his time with his partner like when they walked the Camino de Santiago which allowed for him to unplug and enjoy life offline. But of course, all of these moments of joy help fuel his creative process.

In line with his philosophy, in October 2020 he made the leap of buying an iPad to start drawing again more seriously for the first time since high school. He believes in dedicating full time to his passion of creating, his cycle of creating allows him to learn and evolve as an artist each time.

As he began posting his work online, Magusz decided to focus on art animation so he can tell a story within the motions rather than just a static art piece. He noticed that animating his images adds not just to the art, but to the art’s ability to connect to and grow his audience.

How Magusz Uses Kapwing in His Work

When Mangusz moved from static to animation, he did a simple search for online video editors and found Kapwing. Before using Kapwing, Magusz uses Procreate on his iPad to sketch a series of static images. Within Procreate he fine tunes the images and then uses OpenToonz to compose all different animated elements and check the timing of each one. After using OpenToonz, he uploads the video to Kapwing to create the final composition where he can add music, sound effects and occasionally extra bits of other video clips that can add to the story.

According to Magusz, what keeps him coming back to Kapwing is “the ability to have the video in any format I wish. That is a constraint on most video editors. And since my art can be designed with different formats, that is really needed. Then the ability to have multiple channels for audio, makes the composition process very easy.”

On Kapwing, you can upload your original content and upload so many streams of audio as we offer voice recording in app, sound effects, music, and paste a link. Creating art is not limited to a canvas and paintbrush. Magusz utilizes all our tools to ensure his story is told as closely to his vision as possible. He doesn’t need to use complex software or learn how to use several different tools to master his creative process. After he’s followed his three steps – drawing, compiling, editing – his work is ready to be shared with the masses on places like Twitter and Instagram.

Art has been around since the start of mankind and no matter where we go, we always find creative ways to express ourselves and process the world around us. Don’t let the digital age make you think art is no longer a large part of human connection. If you have a vision or story to share, get started now with Kapwing.

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