Richard Cooper: Mastering Communication Beyond the Written Word

Learn how Richard Cooper uses Kapwing to create educational content for his English learning company, rjcfraser.

Richard Cooper: Mastering Communication Beyond the Written Word

The English language is now spoken by approximately 1.35 billion people worldwide and that number is only growing especially with people like Richard Cooper doing their best to help others hone their business storytelling & dialogue strategies in English.

About Richard Cooper & rjcfraser

Richard Cooper has been a Business English Coach for four years within his own company, rjcfraser, which focuses on Business English Colloquium. With rjcfraser, Richard wants to offer people new perspectives – to him, teaching English is not just teaching words and grammar; it’s about psychology, life & career advice, as well as critical thinking.

The aim of his work is to get others comfortable and creative within the Business English field, especially as more and more people use English as a universal language and the main language for corporations.

The beauty about teaching English is that you can get super creative and fun with all the ways to engage a person with the language. Richard enjoys using memes and video content to reach his audience.

How Richard Uses Kapwing in His Work

Richard stumbled upon Kapwing and loved how easy it was to create short clips and memes for his followers and audience. Knowing English is one thing, but we all know in this digital age it’s about speaking fluently with memes and relatable social media content too.

Using Kapwing has helped Richard create relatable and engaging content and has helped him grow his LinkedIn followers exponentially. Not only has his reach grown, but he also has more offers of collaboration as well! Richard enjoys going on to Kapwing, looking at the available library of audio, images, and videos to see what he can use to create content that will resonate with his audience. Rather than just posting plain text on LinkedIn, he tries to always supplement his posts online with an image or short video. After creating multiple posts, he posts two of his creations a day. One earlier in the morning and the second later in the day.

The best thing about Kapwing for Richard is it has everything he needs to create his content from start to finish. Once he’s done he doesn’t need to use any other softwares or websites, all that’s left is posting on the right social media channel.

Communication is about more than sharing a language, it’s about sharing ideas, goals, and emotions. Richard uses Kapwing to master the skill of communication and you can too. If you have something to say, say it with Kapwing.

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