A lot of photo upload destinations have very strict file size & dimension limits – anyone who's tried to share multiple photos via email, change a profile avatar, or upload high-resolution document scans knows this issue all too well. And while many online services allow you to convert your image file, or crop out certain parts, it's difficult to find a program that allows you to reduce your photo file size reliably and precisely.

Messages like this one often show up when you're trying to upload a photo that that doesn't fit size requirements. 

In this article, I'm going to go over the simplest, most reliable way to make any photo smaller and fit exact dimensional requirements using a free, online editing software called Kapwing. You can use any device and any browser to resize your pictures, and you'll need to know just 3 steps:

  1. Upload your photo to the Kapwing Studio
  2. Resize it or lower its quality
  3. Process & download

Step 1: Upload your photo to the Kapwing Studio

You can find your photos anywhere on the Internet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Images, Google Drive, etc.) since Kapwing lets you easily import pictures from almost any site. All you need to do is copy the link to the photo or its webpage. And if you’ve saved your pictures onto your device, just make sure you know where they’re located. If you're uploading photos from your desktop, it's a good idea to have your file browser open, so you can click & drag your content into the Kapwing Studio.

Copy the link from any picture on the web, and Kapwing will upload your photo. 

To upload your content, just go to Kapwing.com and click “Get Started.” Or, if you're already signed in, click "New Project," then "Start with Studio." This will take you to the Kapwing Studio, where you can use all of Kapwing’s editing tools in one place. Once you’re in the Studio, either select “Click to Upload” and search in your file browser, or paste the link to the picture you want to upload. If your picture is easily accessible, you can also drag & drop it into the Studio window, and it will upload automatically.

Step 2: Resize it or lower its quality

Once your photo has been uploaded to the Studio, it's simple to make it smaller. Just click anywhere outside the photo and select "Custom Size" from the right-hand menu. If you're resizing the photo to make the file size smaller, select the button that says "Original Image" near the bottom of the resizing window, then the button that says "Lock Proportions." You'll see the image's current dimensions in the "width" and "height" fields. Change either of these fields to a smaller value, and the other dimension will automatically adjust so your picture's aspect ratio remains the same.

Resize your picture to the exact size you need

For an even quicker fix, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and change "Video Quality" from "High" to "Standard." This alone will reduce your file size by about 40%!

For an instant size reduction, just change your output quality to "Standard"

While you're in the Studio, you can also complete any other edits that your photo needs:
Add & edit text
• Add pictures, overlays, & audio
• Add shapes
• Add text animations
• Crop & filter

Step 3: Process & download

Once you've edited your photo to perfection and selected the optimal dimensions, click "Publish" in the upper right-hand corner, and Kapwing will immediately start processing your resized photo. Once Kapwing is done processing, simply click “Download." If you're using a mobile device, select "Download," then press and hold on the video to save it to your camera roll. Your photo is now on your device and ready for you to share anywhere.

To make sure your picture is within all file size limits, you should find the file in your downloads or file browser. On a Mac, for example, go to your browser's downloads, right click on the picture you just downloaded (its name should be "Image" and [date]), and select "Show in Finder." Your file browser should provide all relevant information on the image, including file size, resolution, and type.

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