How to Post an Instagram Video on YouTube

How to Post an Instagram Video on YouTube

While Instagram has been growing it’s video viewer base, YouTube is still the primary destination for video watchtime. Creators can build out their YouTube channel by re-using content previously published on their Instagram account. In this post, I’ll describe how to publish a video from Instagram or an Instagram Story on your YouTube channel.

Post your Instagram Video on YouTube

For past videos in your own Instagram feed, open the video and click the “…” in the upper right corner of the post. Then, choose the “Copy link” option to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Open your browser and go to the Kapwing Resizer. Paste the Instagram URL into the “Paste a link” box on the homepage and wait a moment while your video loads.

Note: This will only work for public Instagram accounts. Importing from a URL will fail for videos from a private Instagram accounts.

Once your video loads, you can choose to change the aspect ratio of your video so that it is the right size for YouTube. When you choose the “YouTube, 16:9” option from the menu, you should be able to see the preview of your resized video. The Kapwing editor enables you to zoom in, crop, and position the video how you want it on a black or white 16:9 background.

When your video preview looks good, click “Download” to process your video. Then, you can download the MP4 to your camera roll, open the YouTube app or website, and publish the video on your channel.

Post your Instagram Story on YouTube

To post your Instagram Story, open your story and click the action menu in the lower right corner. Then, “Save” the story to your camera roll. Once you’ve saved the Story, you can upload it directly to YouTube. Or, you can use Kapwing’s video looper to make it longer, trimmer to clip out a section of the video, subtitle maker to embed captions, or meme generator to make it into a meme.

You can also use the video resizer to make it 16:9. But if you upload a 9:16 (Story sized) video to YouTube, it will automatically be shown in landscape when someone watches on a desktop and portrait/vertical mode when someone watches from the app.

Post Someone Else’s Instagram Video On YouTube

To post someone else’s Instagram video on YouTube, you can follow the same steps as above. However, you will only be able to import the video from Instagram if the person’s account is Public; if their profile is set to “Private,” the import will fail.

To download someone else’s YouTube video, just open the post, click on the action menu, and “Copy Link.” Then paste that link into Kapwing’s Convert Video feature to download the MP4.

Also, make sure to get permission from the original creator before reposting their content. You can add a watermark to the video before posting it on YouTube to make sure the creator gets credit.

Post Someone Else’s Instagram Story On YouTube

I think that the only way to download a video from someone else’s Instagram Story is to record their story. You can either open their Story in the app or on your computer (from the Instagram website) and record your phone screen. Once you a have a recording of their story, you can publish it directly on your YouTube channel. This method also works for any of the above cases.

I hope this helps you populate your YouTube channel with awesome video content and start building up subscribers!