Picture this: you've been browsing YouTube for what feels like forever. You finally find the perfect video, and you want to watch it or listen to the audio over and over again. But you don't know how to loop the video, and manually pressing "Replay" every time the video ends is not a good solution. Lucky for you, there are some very easy hacks to loop videos on YouTube!

In this article, I will show you three different ways to make a YouTube video repeat, whether you're on a computer or your smartphone.


This is by far the simplest way to put a YouTube video on repeat. To loop a video on your computer, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Play the Video

Select the video that you want to repeat, and begin to play the video.

Step 2: Loop!

To loop, right click on the video and select "Loop." It's that simple! If you want to stop looping the video, right click again and then deselect "Loop" by clicking it once more.


Looping a YouTube video in the mobile app is a little bit trickier than on a desktop. There isn't a direct way to do it, but there's an easy workaround:

Step 1: Create a Playlist

First, play the video you'd like to repeat. Then, click "Add to Playlist."

Next, you will create a new private playlist for your video. Only add the video you want to loop.

Step 2: Start Playlist

Go into your library and play the playlist you've created. Then, click "Repeat" to make your video play on a loop!


The previous hacks are great for looping videos on the YouTube site or in the YouTube app. But what if you need to access your video offline?

I will show you how to loop and download a YouTube video using a website called Kapwing. I recommend using Kapwing because it's free, web-based, and easy to use on any device!

Step 1: Download Your Video

Go to Kapwing's Video Looper and paste in the URL for your YouTube video. This will automatically load it into the video editor.

Step 2: Select Number of Loops

Select the number of times that you want your video to loop. Because this is a downloadable video file, you will not be able to loop your video indefinitely--but, once it's downloaded you will be able to watch it without going on YouTube and without connecting to the internet!

Step 3: Download!

Once you've looped your video in the editor, click "Create." Once your video has processed, you can download it straight to your device!

I hope that this tutorial helps you with all of your video-looping needs!

How to Make YouTube Videos Repeat

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