How to Host an Instagram Story Fundraiser

Instagram Story fundraisers empower everyone to raise money for the causes that are important to them. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create your own Instagram Story fundraiser for your friends and followers.

How to Host an Instagram Story Fundraiser

Apps like Facebook and Instagram permanently changed the way we think about raising money for important causes online. One tap is all it takes to invite every one of your friends to take part in a philanthropic effort that can do real social good.

In 2019, the Instagram app added its own Donation Sticker to Stories that lets you choose a charity or organization and add a handy button for your followers to quickly donate.

The Donation Sticker is a fantastic tool, but only gives you the option to host fundraisers for the approved organizations and causes in Instagram's database. Small organizations with no Instagram presence and local fundraisers like those found on GoFundMe cannot benefit from the feature.

Fortunately, Instagram creators have found an inspired workaround using Bingo Boards to raise donations on their story for any cause under the sun. This guerilla fundraising tactic comes also has a creative angle that makes the experience more personalized than the default donation button. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to design and host an Instagram Fundraiser for any cause using a free online tool called Kapwing.

  1. Create a custom fundraiser bingo board in Kapwing
  2. Add Images, Text, and other important info to your fundraiser image
  3. Export and Share your fundraiser to your Instagram story

Step 1. Create a custom fundraiser bingo board

The first step to getting your fundraiser off the ground is to design the bingo board you'll share to your followers on your Instagram story. Kapwing's Instagram Story Fundraiser Template is a great place to start. The template features a fundraiser bingo grid that is already filled with donation amounts and empty spaces to fill in information about the organization you are supporting and how your followers can send you funds.

The Instagram Story Fundraiser has everything you need to get started

Once inside the template, you can easily change the color scheme, fonts, text size, and every other visual aspect to perfectly suit the fundraiser you have in mind.

Step 2. Add images, text, and other important info

This is the fun part. Making the bingo board your own helps your followers see what cause you're raising money for and why they should care. Make sure to add the title of who or what you're raising money for at the top of the bingo board so that viewers can easily identify who their contribution will support.

You can also add an images or logos for the organization you intend to support in this section to make things more clear. If the fundraiser is for an immediate family member, friend, or pet - an image of the person along with their name can help tell more of a story in your post.

An Instagram fundraiser bingo board complete with usernames for popular money-transfer apps

Hosting your own fundraiser will also require you to personally collect donations and then turn them over to the cause in question. In order to do this, it is common to add a username or two for apps like PayPal and Venmo where friends can send you their donations.

Step 3. Export and share to your Instagram story

When your fundraiser image is finished and you're ready to put your bingo board to work and raise some money, click the red Export button in the top right of the screen. Your image will instantly process for free with no watermark as long as you are signed into Kapwing.

You can instantly download your fundraiser image once it's done and then add to your Instagram story to share with the world. Remember to repost your image with a new tag each time a friend donates a particular dollar amount. You can keep adding tags until the post expires in 24-hours or stop once you reach a BINGO or a particular dollar amount. The choice is yours and no matter what you decide it's all for a good cause.

An Instagram Fundraiser post inside of Instagram Stories

We love to see the things you're creating and the good that you're doing with Kapwing! If you make an Instagram Fundraiser with our template - tag us @KapwingApp on Twitter and Instagram to show it off and make sure to follow our accounts for new creation tips and templates every week!

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