How to Get a Twitter Hexagon PFP without Owning an NFT

Create your own Twitter hexagon profile picture without owning an NFT by using this free, online template.

How to Get a Twitter Hexagon PFP without Owning an NFT

You might have already seen people with hexagon-shaped profile pictures on Twitter. Or at least the conversations revolving around it. If you haven't, let me briefly fill you in.

Last Thursday, Twitter launched NFT profile pictures on iOS. Users are now able to share the NFTs they own by setting them as their profile picture on Twitter. Others can also view who created the NFT and who currently owns it. This does come with a couple catches– like being on an iOS device, for instance.

But don’t worry. Twitter also supports transparent profile pictures.

For NFT owners without an iOS device, this means you can still get a Twitter NFT profile picture. If you just want to customize your profile picture as a hexagon without owning an NFT, you can.

In this article, we'll explore the requirements to have a Twitter NFT profile picture. Then, I'll walk you through how to get a Twitter hexagon profile picture in seconds, whether you own an NFT or not.

Meeting Requirements to Set an NFT as Your Twitter PFP

Although anyone can own an NFT, you must meet a few requirements in order to have a Twitter NFT profile picture.

1. You must be a Twitter Blue member.

Credit: Twitter Blog

Twitter Blue is a subscription you can pay $2.99/month for in order to have access to exclusive features such as undoing your tweets, ad-free articles, bookmarks, and uploading longer videos.

2. You must be on an iOS device.

Android and desktop users cannot access Twitter's hexagon-shaped profile pictures because you'd have to link your crypto wallet to Twitter. Today, this can only be done on iOS devices such as Macbooks or iPhones.

3. Your NFT must be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since Twitter only supports static images in JPEG or PNG formats, your NFT must be minted on the Ethereum blockchain instead of other crypto blockchains like Binance Smart Chain or Polygon.

Keep in mind that Twitter supports static image JPEG or PNG formats. Because of this, there is still a way you can get a Twitter's hexagon-shaped profile picture.

Getting a Twitter Hexagon PFP Without an NFT

If you don't meet any of the qualifications above, Kapwing has a free Twitter hexagon PFP template you can use. Follow these next steps to create your own hexagon profile picture on Twitter.

  1. Use this template.
  2. Click "Edit This Template."
  3. Upload media to your template.
  4. Edit your image as needed.
  5. Export and download!

Step 1: Use this template.

Use Kapwing's template, "Twitter Hexagon NFT Profile Picture." If you want to create anything else outside of Twitter, Kapwing also offers a variety of other templates in their collection, from memes and TikToks to Instagram and YouTube video templates.

Step 2: Click "Edit This Template."

This will take you to the Kapwing Studio where you can edit images, GIFs, and videos. The template should automatically open up for you on your canvas.

Step 3: Upload media to your template.

You can upload any images from your computer by dragging and dropping your file directly onto the template or by clicking "Add Media" in the left sidebar. Below, I dropped a drawing of a person wearing a beanie into the template.

Step 4: Edit your image as needed.

As you can see, when I dropped my image into the template, it didn't fit perfectly into the hexagon template. To fix this, I decided to crop my image so I would be able to resize it within the template accordingly.

If your image is more complex, you can erase its background by clicking "Erase" in the right sidebar and use the "Magic Wand" tool.

Step 5: Export and download!

Click "Export Image" in the top right-hand corner and download your image. Now you have a hexagon-shaped picture you can use as your Twitter pfp! You can set your Twitter profile picture on any device (iOS, Android, desktops). If you don't want to set this as your profile picture, you can also share it directly from Kapwing to your Twitter feed.

As we see Twitter NFT profile pictures emerge on our timelines, more people should be able to create their own hexagon profile pictures whether they own an NFT but have an Android device, or they simply want to customize their profile.

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