How to Embed Videos in Squarespace

Embedding videos in your Squarespace site can be important for portfolios, educational sites, and even shops – I'll show you how to do it on any device.

How to Embed Videos in Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the most popular website hosting platforms you can find on the internet. Plenty of users use the site to showcase their portfolios, work, and talent for others to see, and if you ask them what can really help your website go up another level, one thing they’ll say is use videos.

Embedding a video into your website can make it not only look cleaner, but also give your content an extra bump by relaying important information and linking to another piece of work you have done. It helps your viewer see and hear something, rather than have to read a block of text about it.

If you are looking to begin embedding videos on your Squarespace website, it’s a pretty simple process – here's how to get started:

  1. Upload or Create Video in Kapwing
  2. Create Embed Link
  3. Embed Video in Squarespace

Step One: Upload or Create Video on Kapwing

You can’t embed a video without having the actual video, right? Which is why you are going to want to use Kapwing to make sure your video is just how you want. Kapwing will also serve as your video’s host, where the embedded video will actually link to.

The Kapwing Studio allows you to upload a video in a few ways. 

Head over to the Kapwing studio and you will see the three options for how you want to start your project: Get Started, Upload File, and Paste a URL.

Get Started will allow you to start a new video from scratch, bringing in different clips and editing them all together. Upload a File will let you bring a video file already on your computer and upload it into the studio, while Paste a URL allows you to bring another video from an outside source into the studio to edit.

The Kapwing editing studio.

Once your video is loaded and in the timeline, you can edit it however you want. You can add text, add different audio, change the speed of the video, and much more using Kapwing’s editing tools.

Export Video will make your video ready to use.

Once it is just how you want it, go ahead and click on Export Video in the upper-right corner. This will take you to the next step of the process.

Once you have sent the video out for export using Kapwing’s cloud service, you will see a new screen that is full of options for you to use your video. From these options, click Embed, which will open up a pop-up window.

Choose Embed to get your link.
Copy will allow you to paste you embed link wherever you want.

You will see a white window with the code for embedding in it and on the right will be a button that says Copy. This will send the code in the window to your Clipboard for you to paste.

Step Three: Embed Video in Squarespace

With the embed code ready to go, head to your website on Squarespace and navigate to where you want to add the video.

You need to add a new block to your page.

When you’re there and in the editing mode for the page, you will want to add a block to the page by clicking on the plus-sign in the middle of the page.

Code is the option to embed your video.

This will open up a small window with all the options of blocks you can add. The one you are looking for is Code. You will see the option for Embed right above it, but that's actually not the one you want.

Instead, click on Code and this will bring up one more window, which will let you paste the embed code from Kapwing into a text box.

The text box on the right is where you can enter the Kapwing embed code.

Once you do this, you will see the video appear on the page. Now, just click on Done, and then Save. With that, the video will be on your page, ready to be viewed.

With that, you won’t have to worry about keeping a video file stored on your Squarespace site and make it look even better. After that, check out Kapwing on YouTube and Instagram for more online tutorials, as well as follow us on Twitter for updates and news for our online video editor.

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