Lately, we have all been a lot more focused on virtual communication. Zoom calls, screen shares and emails have replaced meetings, whiteboards, and conversations. Without the ability to get an idea across in person, sometimes screenshots are the clearest way to convey a message. Screenshots show the current state of a website or your desktop browser. You can point out things on the screen, show bugs, or promote a website update.

Luckily, Kapwing Studio, a free online tool for creators, will help you easily edit your screenshot just how you want it for no cost! There are just three simple steps:

  1. Take the screenshot
  2. Edit the screenshot
  3. Export your masterpiece

1. Take the Screenshot

Before you take your screenshot make sure the screen you are looking at on your computer shows exactly what you want to capture.

There are two different ways you can grab a screenshot on a mac:

1) Grab the WHOLE screen: On your keyboard, hold down the following keys at the same time: command + shift + 3 .

2) Grab part of the screen: On your keyboard, hold down the following keys at the same time: command + shift + 4 . This will make your cursor turn into a small "+" symbol and allow you to click somewhere on the screen, hold the cursor down, and drag to select a portion of the screen you would like to capture. (Tip: hit the escape key to get out of the screen-grab mode if you aren't ready for your selection yet.)

Grab part of the screen

This will automatically grab a screenshot and save it to your computer desktop.

2. Edit the Screenshot

Open up Kapwing Studio in any Mac Browser. Kapwing works well in both Chrome and Safari Browser, so choose the Mac browser of your choice.

Once you open Kapwing select "click to upload" to start editing your screenshot. Your screenshot will be saved on your desktop and the file name will be "screenshot" followed by the date and time it was taken.

Once your screenshot uploads you can begin to use the studio tools listed in the bar at the top of your screen to manipulate your image:

  • Crop: You can use the crop tool to cut out parts of your image
  • Circles and lines: Mark your image with the shapes tool, Emphasize elements, annotate important parts of the screenshot, and draw the user's attention to certain parts of the screen.
  • Text: Add text, labels, comments, annotations, titles, and image layers to your screenshot. Tip: When looking for an image with no background try adding "png" or "no background" to the end of your image search!

3. Export

Once your screenshot is edited just the way you want it, head over to the Export button in the upper right corner. After your screenshot image has downloaded, click "download" for your watermark-free edited image to save to the downloads file on your computer. If you're not signed in, just sign in to remove the Kapwing watermark. Easy as pie!