WhatsApp Status videos allow you to capture your best moments and share candid experiences for a 24-hour period. But what if you want to save those moments forever?

It’s easy to screenshot photos you or others share on the app, but WhatsApp makes it slightly harder to save videos. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a simple way to save anyone’s video. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Open WhatsApp on a computer
  2. Open the Status Video you want to save
  3. Right-click and save it to your computer

Note: we urge you to ask permission before saving someone else’s video. Stealing content or exposing someone’s private moments isn’t cool.

How to download your own video

First, open WhatsApp and select the Status tab. Next, select the status you want, tap the three dots and choose the Share option.

Depending on your device, the share options might differ. Nonetheless, choose ‘Save Video’ or a similar option. Now, the video should save to your default photo storage app.

How to download someone else’s video

First, open WhatsApp Web on a desktop and sync your mobile device. Next, select Status from the top left and choose the Status you want.

Once it’s open, right click (or hold Ctrl and click on Mac) and choose the Save video as option (or the Mac equivalent). Finally, save the video to your computer and enjoy your Status video!

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