Banner art is the first thing that a YouTuber sees when they land on your channel page. The YouTube banner area is a free piece of real-estate that any creator can use to tell your story, preview the content on your channel, and convince more viewers to subscribe.

The YouTube banner is the graphic at the top of a channel that allows you to give the viewer a brief look into what you offer. Your banner can be the reason someone joins your dedicated tribe or clicks away with utter disinterest. So, nailing the YouTube banner is essential (just like your YouTube logo).

Tl;DR – You can use this 2560x1440 banner maker to resize an image to the correct dimensions.

YouTube doesn’t offer any tools to create your banner. However, you can create your YouTube banner online using a free online YouTube banner template. Or, you can design the banner from scratch by following these steps:

  1. Open digital canvas
  2. Set dimensions to 2560 x 1440 pixels
  3. Upload or design your YouTube banner
  4. Process and download

This tutorial uses an image editor called Kapwing, but you can use any graphic design tool that you'd like to make your banner. Just ensure that the image is 2560 x 1440 pixels and that it fits within the viewport area.

1. Open Digital Canvas

To get started, head to Kapwing and open the Studio. Click “Start with a blank canvas” to create a new project.

Starting with a blank canvas gives you a foundation to place any logos, graphics or text that you might want to add.

2. Set dimensions to 2560 x 1440

Once you’ve created your canvas, look to the right side of the Studio under “Output Size.” Click the Custom Size button to set the exact pixel dimensions for your YouTube banner.

YouTube recommends this size as the best size for YouTube channel art: 2560x1440. This pixel size will also ensure that your banner image will meet the technical specifications: maximum file size of 4MB. In the width box, enter 2560. Then, in the height box, enter 1440.

You'll notice that the canvas looks a lot broader/taller than channel art looks once it's uploaded on your YouTube channel. The reason for this is that YouTube adjusts the visible area of your banner depending on the device size of the viewer. Only the center area – 1546x423 – will always show up in view. As a result, you'll want to design the YouTube banner with any logos, text, or images right in the center.

Here’s a look at how much of your banner will be visible based on the device:


Even though you made the canvas 2560 x 1440, the “Text & Logo Safe Area” is where you’ll add all your branding. We’ll show you how to adjust for this in just a moment.

3. Upload or Design Your Banner

Now it’s time to create your banner and tell your viewer exactly why they should subscribe to your YouTube channel.

To do this, change the “Background Color” on the right to match your brand, upload any graphics or logos and add custom text. You can use the custom hex code selector to grab exact color codes from your logo or brand graphics.

Pro Tip: it’s best practice to add your channel name, your logo or a picture of yourself and a catchy slogan that tells your viewer exactly what to expect from your channel.

4. Adjust for the “safe area”

Before you finish, you’ll want to make sure all your branding is in that "safe area" we talked about.

To do this, click “Upload” in the top left corner and add our YouTube Banner Template, available for download here.

The template should fit the entire canvas. If not, just adjust the handles on each corner. Before changing anything, look to the right under “Layer” and click “Send Backward” a few times to ensure your graphics are on top and movable.

After you’ve moved everything within the safe area, you can simply click on the template and hit the delete button from the bottom right.

5. Process and download

Once you’ve finished your design, simply click “Publish” in the top right corner and Kapwing’s kittens will begin working their magic!

There’ll be a brief wait while everything processes, then you’ll land on the download page. From there, just click “Download” from the right side and you’ve just created your own custom YouTube banner!

Now that you have a YouTube banner, you’ll be able to turn more viewers into subscribers that will follow along your content creation journey and give you the attention and feedback you need to succeed!

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