How to Add Music to an Instagram Video

How to Add Music to an Instagram Video

Do you want to give your Instagram videos more character by adding music to them? Unfortunately, Instagram only allows you to mute your video’s audio when uploading a video on their app or website. So if you want to do all your Instagram editing in one place, it can be difficult to find the right platform.

In this article, I’ll show you how to add music to the videos you want to post on Instagram. You’ll be using a free online video editing tool called Kapwing, which is easy to learn and gives you the editing functions of a high-powered editing software. And since Kapwing works on computers, phones, and tablets, you should have no problem editing your videos conveniently, from any device you prefer. Let’s get started! You’ll need to go through just three steps:

  1. Find Your Video and Music
  2. Upload Your Video and Music to Kapwing
  3. Download Your Video!

Step 1: Find Your Video and Music

First, find the video you want to post and the music you want to go with it. If you’ve posted the video elsewhere, or you want to use a video you found on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, you can just copy the link to it. And if it’s a video you’ve recorded yourself, or that you’ve saved on your device, be sure you know you to find it in your file browser.

Copy any video from the internet, or use one of your own!

Finding your audio is just as simple! Whether it’s a YouTube video or a song from SoundCloud, you can simply copy the link and Kapwing will be able to upload the audio track. And if you want to add music that you have on your device, make sure you can locate the song in your music library or file browser.

Step 2: Upload Your Video and Music to Kapwing

Once you’ve found your video and music, go to From here, you have a couple of options:

  1. Go to the “Add Audio” tool. From the Kapwing homepage, click on “Products,” then “Add Audio to Video.” This will take you to Kapwing’s streamlined tool for adding audio to video. This is most useful if you have already edited your video the way you want it, and just need to add music.

Try out the Add Audio tool on your phone!

Now either click “Upload” to find a video that you recorded or have saved on your device, or paste the video link you copied. Kapwing will automatically start uploading your video!

Adding music couldn’t be easier!

Once the video is uploaded, you’ll be able to add your music. Upload your music, as a file or as a link, in the same way you uploaded your video. This tool also allows you to trim your audio and mute the video’s original audio track.

  1. Go to the Kapwing Studio. From the Kapwing homepage, click “Get Started.” Now you’re in the Kapwing Studio, where you can use all of Kapwing’s editing tools in one place. This will be most useful for you if you would like to make other edits to your video in addition to adding music. You can upload the video you want to start with by uploading the file or copying the link.

It’s just as simple in the Studio!

To add music in the Studio, click outside the video frame to deselect all layers. Then, select “Audio” from the bottom toolbar. Here, you can add your audio track by uploading a file that you have saved or recorded, or by pasting a link! If you’d like to mute the original video’s audio, select the video layer and click “Mute” from the bottom toolbar.

The Studio is especially valuable for preparing your content before posting it on Instagram. In the Studio you can use most of the editing features that Instagram provides, plus many other functions. You can resize your video, add text and captions, adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and so on. Kapwing is the ultimate tool for editing and perfecting your content to post on Instagram!

Step 3: Download Your Video!

Now that you’ve added music to your video and edited it to be juuuust right, click “Create Video” in the Add Audio tool, or “Publish” in the Studio. Kapwing will process your video for you to download and share! And if you ever want to make other edits or share the video with other people, just go to “My Account” from the Kapwing homepage and find the video in your library. This will allow you to download the video again, share it with your friends, or return to the Studio to make further edits!

Be sure to tag us @KapwingApp when you share your videos on Instagram – we love seeing what our creators are passionate about! And for more ideas, tutorials, and features, check back in at the Kapwing Resources page!