Progress bars help you get more watch time and help your viewer understand how much time is left in your video. It’s a win-win, except when you consider how difficult it is to add this simple moving bar.

Usually, you need editing skills and expensive software just to get started. However, that’s no longer the case with Kapwing’s ‘Add Progress Bar to Video’ tool. What used to be impossible now only takes a few clicks. Add a progress bar to your video for free by following these steps:

  1. Upload your video or audio to Kapwing
  2. Add/edit your progress bar
  3. Publish and download

Step 1: Upload your video/audio to Kapwing

First, open the Kapwing Studio or the ‘Add Progress Bar to Video’ tool. Once you’re in, open your file by clicking ‘Click to upload’, drag and drop the file or paste a video URL in the lower box.

Before editing, check the box at the top right of your project to make sure it’s fully downloaded.

Step 2: Add/edit your progress bar

Next, click ‘Shapes’ at the top on the toolbar and click ‘Add a progress bar’ from the lower right hand side.

Now, customize the bar however you want. Change the style, color, size and layer by selecting options from the right side menu. Also, you can resize the bar by clicking it and adjusting the handles that appear on each corner of the bar.

Kapwing provides so many tools to customize your video to get even more attention, so I’ll link to few resources about text, music, subtitles and borders (don't forget to check the 'Related Articles', too!).

Step 3: Publish and download

When you’re finished, click the ‘Publish’ button on the top right and Kapwing will process your final project.

Once the video is processed, click ‘Download’ and save the video. Finally, you’re ready to share your message with an engaging video that’ll not only increase your watch time but also improve your viewer’s experience!

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