So much of our daily lives are consumed by music. Listening to it, sharing it and even dancing to it. Now, you can share your favorite songs and express your musical taste with Facebook stories.

While it’s pretty easy to add music to your story, it can be harder to add music to a prerecorded video. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do it all: share a music-only story, add music as you record and mix a prerecorded video with the song of your choice.

Let’s get started.

How to create a music-only story

First, open the Facebook app and choose the ‘Create a Story’ option. Then, scroll through the panels and choose the ‘Music’ tab. Simply, search the song you want and share.

How to create a story with music

In the ‘Create Story’ screen, tap the camera icon and scroll to the music option at the bottom. Next, search what you want and tap the play button to record. Once you’re done, share with the world.

How to create a customized story with music

The above two approaches may not cover all types of musical Stories. There’s several reasons you want to create a customized story:

  • Facebook doesn’t offer the song you want
  • You already recorded the video
  • You recorded a custom song
  • You want to edit the video and music together

To do this, open the Kapwing Studio, a web-based application for every device. Next, upload your video by searching your device, drag and drop or pasting the link. Kapwing provides a full suite of editing tools to trim, adjust, crop and many more. So, edit the video exactly how you want.

When you’re ready to add music, choose ‘Audio’ at the top and upload the music. For this example, I copy and pasted the link from a music video on YouTube. Now, you can trim the audio from the song and adjust the volume of both sources.

When you’re done, click ‘Publish’ in the top right, wait for it to process and download the video straight to your device. Now you can share a totally customized story right to Facebook all thanks to Kapwing -- and your hard work!

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