The COVID-19 pandemic has made the video conferencing app Zoom a household name in mere months. Nearly everyone from elementary students and volunteer organizations to lawyers and therapists is using Zoom for their meetings, appointments, court hearings, and class sessions.

No industry has experienced the Zoom overhaul more than education. With millions of students going "back to school" remotely or in remote-hybrid teaching models, live video conferences have become the new normal for students of all ages.

There are plenty of new difficulties for students getting used to Zoom for their classes. Many students may be uncomfortable sharing their own surroundings when they join Zoom meetings, as privacy is virtually impossible to produce in a virtual setting. And with people in vastly different situations coming together in the virtual classroom, it's important that students feel comfortable maintaining their privacy during Zoom classes. That's what virtual backgrounds are for – your background can be whatever you want it to be. Here are 5 perfect virtual backgrounds for you to use in your Zoom classes.

NOTE: All of these downloadable virtual backgrounds are set to the recommended specifications for Zoom virtual backgrounds, with dimensions of 1920x1080 in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Once you download them, they're ready to go.

Virtual background #1: Library


Where would you like your teachers or professors to think you to spend all your time? The library. Even though you probably haven't been inside a library since at least March, there's no more appropriate place to spend your virtual class sessions than an academic library.

Virtual background #2: Intro collage


This one is really fun. Even if your whole class isn't doing it, this virtual background is the perfect way for your classmates to get to know you before you say a word. Just click "Make It" and add your own text or pictures to each box of the grid to let your new classmates learn a bit more about who you are. You can also change the number of boxes, their arrangement, and the topics of your intro grid to fit anything you want to share.

Virtual background #3: Bitmoji locker


In 2020's virtual classroom landscape, custom Bitmoji virtual lockers have become massively popular. Click "Make It" to enter the Kapwing Studio and use this template to add your own Bitmoji, digital posters, favorite books, inspirational quotes, and anything else that can showcase who you are to your teachers and classmates.

Virtual background #4: Bookshelf


Reading is at the heart of education, from kindergarten to college. What could be a better background than a wall full of books? Not many of the titles are legible, but it makes no difference: with a bookshelf in the background, you'll be immersed in the learning atmosphere, whether you're learning about australopithecus or Austen.

Virtual background #5: Blurry interior


Sometimes you just want to blend in and not draw too much attention during class – I get it. For a vague but oddly soothing backdrop during your Zoom lessons, this blurry interior virtual background allows you to maintain your privacy from wherever you're joining the group. Plus, it ensures that you're not drawing anyone's eyes away from the teacher and the topic.

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