Attribution Guidelines

Attribution Guidelines
Attributing properly on Kapwing

If you create images with Kapwing on a free account and use them in your projects, you must attribute the images properly to be compliant with the proper licensing. In this article you can find our guidelines on how to properly attribute images created on Kapwing for various use cases.

The best place to add the attribution line is immediately below the asset created on Kapwing and a link to our website ( If this isn't possible, another approach would be placing the attribution in the footer of your website, blog or newsletter.

Here is an example:

Attribute an image inline, with a direct link to 

The attribution should be clear, visible and easy to find for your users or clients. These guidelines should apply for other categories of image use - for example, if you're selling a physical product with an image created on Kapwing, consider listing the attribution in the product page or the footer of your online store.

In case you want to use images created on Kapwing without adding attribution, you must upgrade to a premium subscription. Even in this case, attribution is encouraged as gives acknowledgement to the original artists behind the assets, and helps viewers have confidence that images are sourced properly.

Thank you for taking the time to properly attribute images created on Kapwing, and being respectful of the time and hard work of our contributors.