How to Delete a Folder on Kapwing

A blue background with the Kapwing Kat with a trashcan icon and the workspace text to the right

After you create a Kapwing Folder, you can delete that Folder at any time. This is a permanent action, so please read the below resource before deleting your folder.

What Happens When You Delete a Folder

When you delete a Folder, all of the projects in that Folder are deleted from our database. Collaborators in that Folder will not be able to access the Folder or the projects in it. This is not recoverable.  There is no way for us to recover content that you've accidentally deleted, so please be sure that you want the Project erased before deleting.

How to Delete a Folder

From the Kapwing homepage, select the Folder you want to delete. Then, go to Folder Settings and scroll down to the red "Delete Folder"button.

A screenshot of the workspace setting with an orange arrow pointing to and an orange box around the red delete workspace button

You'll see a confirmation modal to confirm that you want to delete all of the content in your Folder.

If you do not see the "Delete Folder" button, it may be because you are an "Editor" rather than an "Owner" of the Folder. Editors do not have permission to delete the folder. Collaborators can leave the folder or ask the Folder Owner to delete the Folder. If you no longer have access to the original Owners account, please reach out to our support team for help.