Kapwing's Timeline feature just got a major upgrade! It is now much easier to adjust the duration and appearance time of the layers in each scene of your video.

How do I trim the duration of my layer?

To trim or shorten the duration of any video, image, audio or text layer in your video, you can grab the start or end handlers (white lines) at the beginning or end of your asset's track in the Timeline view. Simply drag it to the start or end time that you'd prefer to trim it.

How can I cut sections out of my video?

To cut out sections of your video, drag the white seeker to the beginning of the section that you want to cut, right click and select "Split" from the dropdown menu - you can also click the "S" on your keyboard or click the "Split" button at the top of the Timeline.

Do the same to the end of the section that you want to delete, and then right click and select "Ripple Delete" if you do not want a gap between the two remaining sections:

Click "Delete" if you want to keep the gap between the two sections:

How do I control when my layer appears in the video?

Once you've trimmed your layers, you can click and drag the shortened layer left or right on the shortened track to control when the layer will appear or disappear in relation to other layers in your video.

Do I edit my entire video in the Timeline?

Yes!  You can upload all of your videos, images, and audios into a single scene to edit or create your entire video using the Timeline view.

However, each scene has it's own timeline. So if you have multiple scenes in your video, then you will not be able to edit the entire video in the timeline at once.

My image is exporting as a video - how do I fix this?

If your image layer has duration added and is a video, but you want to export it as an image, you can click the drop down carrot next to "Export Video" to select "Export as Image". Select the frame with the image you want to export, and click "Export Image"

Do you have a video tutorial for this?

YES! Check out our YouTube tutorial for how to trim, split, and cut using the Timeline:

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!