Introducing a Faster Way to Repurpose Video Content in Kapwing

Now in Kapwing: a faster way to repurpose video content for social media. Automatically resize, find highlights, and center speakers in frame with Repurpose Studio.

Introducing a Faster Way to Repurpose Video Content in Kapwing

Repurposing video content is a crucial part of any modern marketing team’s content strategy. The vast majority of marketers (we’re talking 94%, here) are already repurposing their podcasts, webinars, and interviews; most of them agree that social media video is the most effective repurposing channel.

Repurposing your content across multiple formats and channels maximizes reach, builds brand awareness, and distributes key messages more effectively. The lone downside was always time; manually editing and formatting video for multiple platforms felt out of reach for small-but-mighty marketing teams.

But not anymore. We've built Repurpose Studio as an entirely new way to turn long videos into multiple short clips 10x faster.

Say hello to Repurpose Studio in Kapwing

Now in Kapwing, you can choose to create a new video from scratch or repurpose existing videos into clips. Here’s how Repurpose Studio helps you get the most out of your content:

🔍 Find and optimize the best clips for social in minutes


Long-form video is a great medium for unpacking complex ideas. But when your best insights are hidden away "somewhere around 23:00" in your webinar recording? That's no good.

The problem is that manually playing back your videos over and over or searching the transcript yourself to find the best clips is time-consuming and tedious.

Now, you can skip the tedium and automatically pull the highlights from your long videos with AI.

Kapwing creates and then analyzes your video’s transcript and selects the most engaging moments. You can preview these suggested moments and choose which ones you want to turn into standalone clips. Kapwing then automatically reformats the clips for social and adds customizable features like word-by-word subtitles.

🗣️ Auto-resize and focus on active speakers


Videos with multiple speakers, like webinars or podcasts, can be tricky to repurpose if you want to keep everyone in frame. Manually resizing clips and moving footage around to keep the speaker centered takes far too long—yet it must be done.

Kapwing can now handle those edits for you in a single click. Repurpose Studio automatically centers speakers so they stay on screen regardless of the video format or dimensions.

🎬 Refine and customize all of your clips


Automations are at their most powerful when they leave creative control in the hands of the actual creatives. That means you. And that’s why everything you make in Repurpose Studio is 100% customizable.

You have the power of Kapwing’s full-featured video editor at your fingertips to make your best content, optimized for owned channels, social media, or anywhere you publish.

Refine your AI-suggested clips by:

  • Editing video or audio
  • Customizing subtitle fonts, size, and colors
  • Adding overlays and b-roll
  • Using brand colors, logos, and assets

Add effects and animations, or continue editing your video like a text doc with Trim with Transcript. With Repurpose Studio, you have complete control over what the final content looks like.

What can you create with Repurpose Studio?

We built Repurpose Studio to help you break through the noise on social media with the very best clips from your existing content—all without spending countless hours on editing. What you repurpose is up to you, but some of our most popular flows include:

  • Webinar → LinkedIn clips: Transform full-length webinars into bite-sized clips perfectly suited for sharing on LinkedIn, capturing the attention of professionals and expanding your reach.
  • Video podcast → TikTok, Reels, or Shorts clips: Convert podcast episodes into short, attention-grabbing clips ideal for platforms like TikTok and Instagram, attracting a wider audience and driving engagement.
  • YouTube → trailers: Create compelling trailers from your long-form YouTube videos, enticing viewers to watch the full content and increasing your subscribers.
  • Customer interviews → testimonials: Extract powerful customer testimonials from interviews and transform them into impactful clips for organic or paid social, boosting credibility and attracting potential customers.

Content marketing is changing rapidly. Repurposing is now table stakes, and modern marketing teams must find ways to get the most out of their marketing videos. Fortunately, Kapwing’s Repurpose Studio makes it easier to create content from existing videos so your team can focus energy on messaging and strategy.

Repurpose Studio is live in Kapwing today. Give it a try and see how much faster you can repurpose your best content.

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