Meet the New Repurpose Studio: Turn a Long Video Into Social-Ready Clips in Minutes

Repurpose Studio is the AI-powered clip maker for brand-obsessed marketers. Now you can create even faster with custom brand templates, topic search, and auto-resize and Speaker Focus tools.

Meet the New Repurpose Studio: Turn a Long Video Into Social-Ready Clips in Minutes

Repurposing long-form videos into engaging clips for social media is still the best way for marketers to get more mileage (and ROI) from their video content.

Last year, we introduced the first version of Repurpose Studio, our AI-powered clip maker built right inside Kapwing. Repurpose Studio makes it 10x faster to turn one long-form video into multiple social-ready clips—and today, it's getting a significant upgrade.

See what's new in Repurpose Studio

We're thrilled to unveil new features in Repurpose Studio that make it easier to create on-brand clips from the very best highlights in your long-form videos. Let's see what's new.

🎨 Move fast and stay on-brand with templates

Create custom, reusable brand templates that automatically apply your logo, color palette, subtitle styles, overlays, and more. Save your templates and they'll be available for every future clip you create.

Now, every new clip can look super polished and on-brand with just a few clicks. And as part of this update, we're also releasing a new audio-only template for marketers who want to create scroll-stopping podcast audiograms that tailor-fit their brand guidelines.

🔎 Discover the best highlights with topic prompts

Get right to the good stuff by using text prompts that help Repurpose Studio find the exact segments you want to clip and edit. After you provide a short description for a topic, Repurpose Studio will search your video and only suggest clips that match your description.

Let's say you're launching a new feature. In the lead up to the launch, you'd like to post content across your social channels about topics that tie into the launch. Now, you can upload and search any of your old long-form videos to generate clips around only that topic. It's that easy.

We're making Repurpose Studio even better

We're also hard at work improving the core features of Repurpose Studio, too. If you haven't created your first clip yet, here's a quick tour of what the new Repurpose Studio can do.

⚡ Fill your content calendar shorts optimized for social


Other repurposing tools find linear segments in your video and trim the footage that comes before and after. That allows you to create short videos, sure, but it frequently results in a lot of out-of-content footage, dead air, and awkward transitions, especially if your video is in a conversational format.

Repurpose Studio is different. Our platform creates clips by searching your video for hidden gems and then dynamically editing related segments together, all while automatically removing filler words and unrelated footage.

Then, Repurpose Studio quickly gets your clip ready for social media by instantly resizing to the correct aspect ratio and adding word-by-word animated subtitles.

🎥 Automatically focus clips on the active speakers

Repurpose Studio also includes Speaker Focus, a smart tool that detects and centers active speakers so they stay on-screen regardless of the video format or dimensions. This feature saves hours of time when editing formats with multiple speakers such as webinars, podcasts or roundtable discussions.

Speaker Focus works with popular aspect ratios across social media, so you can use it to create short segments on YouTube, vertical video clips for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, or square and portrait videos for Instagram Posts, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

✂️ Customize with Kapwing's timeline and text-based editors

Competing tools use AI to churn out "take it or leave it" clips that you can't easily customize or build brand templates around. As a result, these clips all have the same generic look and feel—and that's not how you stand out on social media.

Repurpose Studio doesn't try to replace your good taste or force designs that don't fit your brand. Instead, everything you make in Repurpose Studio is 100% customizable with Kapwing's user-friendly timeline and text-based editors. Even with limited editing experience, Trim with Transcript makes it simple to edit your video clips just like a text doc.

Building a brand-first platform for repurposing

Repurpose Studio is built for marketers who want to create polished clips that look hand-edited and perfectly tailored to their brand—but that take minutes to edit, not hours.

Try the new Repurpose Studio today and tell us what you think. We're eager to hear your feedback!

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