AI-Powered Dubbing & Translation is Now Available in Kapwing

Our new AI-powered dubbing platform lets teams of any size create accurate translations and bring them to life with natural-sounding AI voices.

AI-Powered Dubbing & Translation is Now Available in Kapwing

The data is clear: 72.4% of customers are more likely to buy a product if they can easily find information about it in their preferred language. Translating and localizing your marketing content is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in key regions.

The problem is that translating video content is either expensive and time-consuming or it results in low quality. Fast, cheap, good—choose two. At least, that used to be the case.

We're thrilled to introduce a better way: our new AI-powered dubbing platform lets teams of any size create accurate translations and bring them to life with natural-sounding AI voices. With Kapwing, you can now dub your all video content in 30+ languages quickly, in-house, and without sacrificing quality.

Automatic video dubbing in 30+ languages

With end-to-end automated dubbing, Kapwing helps teams translate libraries of content without high costs, complicated vendor agreements, or painfully long turnaround times. That allows teams to keep translation work in-house to quickly scale content internationally and improve ROI from localization.

Let's explore the full set of features that make this possible.

Accurate, multilingual translations powered by AI

Kapwing uses cutting-edge APIs from partners like Google to create highly-accurate audio-to-text translations. These platforms apply automatic speech recognition (ASR) and machine translation to analyze your video's transcript, learn the context, and translate quickly.

That means all of your dubbed audio is based on context-aware translations with near-flawless accuracy. Best of all, our accurate translations make it easy to quickly create region-specific versions of a video in over 30 available languages, such as dubbing an existing English video into Spanish, French, and Mandarin. One video turns into multiple localized videos—all from a single tool.

Natural-sounding AI voices and voice cloning

Truly great AI-powered voice overs have been the "white whale" in video localization for some time. Translated subtitles have served well in the interim, but the next level in quality only happens when the speaker is using the same language as the viewer—we've just been waiting for the tech to catch up.

Well, it finally has. Kapwing's AI-generated voices, powered by ElevenLabs, are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing with natural-sounding tones, speech patterns, and cadences. With Kapwing, you get access to a full library of premium voices with multiple styles to choose from, and you can change voices with a single click.

Or, if you have a recognizable speaker or a voice you'd like to use across your content for consistency, you can use our Voice Cloning feature to translate your own voice—or your colleague's, with permission—into your preferred language. Even if you’re a non-native speaker of the desired language, you can still sound as though you are.

Most dubbing tools on the market can only translate a single speaker at a time. The problem is this excludes a huge swath of popular video formats that include two or more speakers; dubbing your podcasts, webinars, or roundtable discussions becomes more effort than it's worth with these tools.

Kapwing's dubbing platform fixes this with built-in multi-speaker detection that automatically recognizes when multiple speakers are present and assigns additional AI-generated voices when translating their dialogue. Now, every video format is available to translate quickly and easily, not just talking head videos or simple explainers.

Seamless integration with subtitles and transcripts

Of course, our dubbing platform also works seamlessly with our best-in-class subtitle and transcript tools. When you use Kapwing's AI dubbing, you automatically get a transcript that can be easily translated and added to your video or turned into word-by-word animated subtitles—all in the same project.

No more hopping between tools to translate videos. Just upload your footage to Kapwing and quickly create fully translated content with natural-sounding voice overs and accurate subtitles, closed captions, and transcripts. Stay in full control of your video localization process and avoid confusing handoffs by working together out of a single platform.

Now you're speaking their language

Every business wants to create industry-leading content that informs and inspires its customers, regardless of region or language. In the past, this was extremely challenging—unless you had a significant budget, you either stuck with simple subtitle translations or lowered your bar in new markets.

With Kapwing's AI dubbing platform, you don't have to compromise. Now, you can meet the international opportunity by meeting customers in their preferred language with accurate, natural-sounding audio translations, all from a single tool.

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