When Does BeReal Send the Notification to Post?

Not sure when the BeReal notification is? In this guide, I explain how the BeReal daily notification works, how to know when to post, and what to do if you're not getting your notification.

When Does BeReal Send the Notification to Post?

BeReal is all about being in the present — you only post once a day and that one post is supposed to be an unfiltered snapshot of your actual daily life. To help make sure that you're not "cheating" by only posting when you look good or are doing something interesting, BeReal chooses the notification time.

What Is the BeReal Post Time?

The BeReal time changes every day.

Depending on your time zone, you'll receive a notification to post at a random time throughout the day. Everyone gets the same notification at the same time, so you can see what all of your friends are up to at 1:05 PM (that's just an example, probably not the BeReal time today... although it could be!).

You can of course post late. Just keep in mind your BeReal will show how many minutes late to the punch you were, in case you and your friends are competitive about that kind of thing. Your friends might also get a notification, telling them you posted late.

Speaking of which...

When Does BeReal Send Notifications?

The "Time to BeReal" notification goes out at a different time every day, however there are five other BeReal notifications that you can get:

  • Mentions
  • Comments
  • Friend Requests
  • Late BeReals
  • Realmojis (aka reactions)

These are all silent push notifications that you can turn off in the app if you want to. Go to the settings menu on your profile page, click notifications, and toggle off any notifications you don't want to receive.

The one notification you can't turn off is the "Time to BeReal" notification. Even if you toggle all the other notifs off, you'll always receive the daily push notification telling you when to post a BeReal. Which makes sense — it's kind of the whole point of the app.

You won't receive a push notification if someone screenshots your BeReal.

Why Didn't I Get My BeReal Notification to Post?

If you haven't received a BeReal post notification recently, you're not alone. According to BeReal's frequently asked questions, they're currently in the process of troubleshooting why some users aren't receiving their notifications. As of the writing of this post, July 2022, that has not yet been resolved.

In the meantime, there are two potential ways to remedy this on your own so you can go back to knowing when to post your BeReal.

1. Clear Your BeReal Cache to Get Your Notification Back

Click into the three dot menu on your profile page. Select Other under Settings and then click the Clear Cache button.

This is perfectly safe to do and will not delete your BeReal from the day or any of your app's data. It's kind of like clearing cookies on your desktop browser. It won't fix a major problem but it's a good first step before trying anything else.

2. Delete and Re-Download the App to Get Your BeReal Notification Back

If clearing your cache doesn't work and you're still not getting your daily BeReal notification, try deleting and re-downloading the app. You'll get a bit of a scary pop up, telling you that deleting the app will delete all of its data. Don't worry. When you re-download the app, you won't have to make a new account and it won't delete your BeReals and Memories.

Before and after deleting and re-downloading the app

I tried this method because I wasn't getting any daily notifications. I had already taken my BeReal for the day and when I re-downloaded the app, it was still there.

The app might prompt you to take a BeReal as part of the onboarding flow when you allow notifications after downloading, but it won't override your existing BeReal. (Yes, I did delete and re-download the app multiple times, in the name of science, of course)

After re-downloading and setting your notification preferences, you should be receiving your daily BeReal notification again.

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