The Opposite of the Meme: The Sh*tpost (Create Your Own!)

The Opposite of the Meme: The Sh*tpost (Create Your Own!)

While a meme’s humor comes from repetition and pervasiveness, a shitpost’s humor comes from being inane, absurd, nonsensical, weird, random, and stupid. The whole point of the image is to be of poor quality.


Shitposts became popular on Reddit and 4Chan and have travelled throughout the internet. Ultimately the idea of it became a meme, so there you go. Here’s how you can create your own shitpost without using a shitpost bot in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your images and text
  2. You’re done

Step 1: Upload your images and text

Open Kapwing’s free meme generator and click the “Get Started” to bring all your content together into an original shitpost.


Because you are going to be adding many smaller images to make up a whole, you want to start with a blank canvas. The default size is square (1:1), but you can click the Resize options to choose other aspect ratios. You can resize for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or other platforms or make a custom size by adding padding.

Click the Upload button in the bottom left corner to upload your images, photos, GIFs, and videos as part of your shitpost. You can upload directly or paste a link to the media, if it’s on YouTube or another site. You can also click Images to use online images. Add “png” or “transparent” to your search to get an image without a background.


Use the Text button to add text to your shitpost. Go crazy with fonts and colors to give your post maximum impact. Choose from custom font and color options.


You can resize or move your media by selecting it. Arrange your collage with as many pieces of media as you like. If you have layered media, select images to move forward and back to choose which images will appear on top.


Step 2: You’re done. Publish and share your shitpost

And that’s all it takes. Click Publish to have your very own post. The image will load and you will be brought to this download page.

Click Download to save it to your device. If you have an iPhone, follow this guide.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy making your own shitpost images. Share your shitpost on social media with us by tagging @kapwingapp

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