How This 7-Figure Marketing Agency Grew Video Production 43% Using Kapwing

Learn how the team at Longhouse Media used Kapwing to speed up their short-form video creation to grow their video production services by 43%.

How This 7-Figure Marketing Agency Grew Video Production 43% Using Kapwing

Longhouse Media is one of Canada’s best marketing agencies – and they’re only getting better. 

This team of 12 has earned awards like British Columbia Business’s 30 Under 30 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year thanks to their hard work and full-scale marketing services. With over 500 satisfied local, national, and international clients, Longhouse Media has optimized their team’s workflow and toolkit to create content that will achieve brands lasting results.

In a video-first world, delivering high-impact results requires an efficient video production workflow. With Kapwing, Longhouse Media has their clients’ video needs on lock, nearly doubling their video production in the past year.

Why Longhouse Media needed better video creation software

When social media shifted a few years ago to prioritize short-form video, the Longhouse Media team shifted, too. But the video editing software they were using for long-form content didn’t. They found the heavy-weight editing programs frustrating for creating short videos. 

Because their software wasn’t built for social video, the team faced delays and bottlenecks. As a marketing agency, any delays your team faces get passed down to the client, which is why Longhouse decided to make a change. 

“We didn’t want our team to be stuck editing content for so long,” says Tristan Taylor, Results Manager & Partnership Specialist at Longhouse.

Enter: Kapwing.

Longhouse Media was looking for a faster way to produce short-form video content. With Kapwing, they have been able to significantly improve their production speed and streamline their team’s collaboration process.

“We save so much time using Kapwing,” says Keenan Beavis, Founder at Longhouse Media.

“The platform improves the quality of our video content and makes it fast to keep everything on brand.”

As the team used Kapwing and got familiar with the editor, they quickly noticed a new opportunity: the ability to create more interesting and creative content with Kapwing's built-in features. They began to add custom captions to videos with the auto-subtitler, source photos and GIFs quickly with the integrated stock libraries, and customize colors and text to be completely on brand using Brand Kit. 

All of these small wins added up to give Longhouse Media a competitive edge they didn’t have before.

Why Longhouse Media chose Kapwing

The team at Longhouse Media wanted to work smarter, not harder. When comparing Kapwing to other options, they found Kapwing’s user-friendly interface removed many standard video creation headaches, saving the team time and effort. And because the team was able to onboard quickly with the new software, Longhouse was confident in their ability to transition their workflow to Kapwing without any disruption to their clients.

In addition to being intuitive and easy to use, Kapwing is packed with a full suite of editing tools and templates. This versatility was crucial to the Longhouse team as they serve diverse clientele that all require different video content and styles.

The team was also impressed by Kapwing’s real-time collaboration features, something that was lacking in many of the other tools they’d considered.

Time is of the essence at any agency, and one area where Kapwing delivered for Longhouse was with our AI-powered smart tools. The team at Longhouse likes technology that’s always advancing and appreciates that Kapwing has made big moves to become a player in the AI video space. Not only that, the automation of certain tasks, like subtitling and trimming, has been a game changer for the marketing agency. Cutting down editing time with Kapwing’s automations, the team has been able to focus more on the creative aspects of content production.

How Kapwing helped Longhouse Media grow their business

Since switching to Kapwing, the video production side of Longhouse Media has grown by 43% and their overall business by 22%. 

The Longhouse team told us there are three key ways using Kapwing has helped them achieve these results:

1. Kapwing makes it easier to create short-form social media videos

Using Kapwing has provided Longhouse Media with a better way to create short-form videos for Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. This means more opportunity for their clients’ to go viral and grow their businesses with organic content. 

Having an efficient, powerful video creation tool has also boosted Longhouse Media’s digital advertising offerings, since short-form videos perform great as ads, as well.

And speaking of ads…

2. Kapwing simplifies the process of creating great ads 

Not only has Longhouse Media improved their video content creation for their clients, they’ve also leveled up their own marketing. 

With Kapwing, the team has been making more high-quality advertising assets to earn new customers. Their new, efficient video creation workflow means they don’t have to sacrifice client work bandwidth to create snappy, short-form ads like this:


3. Kapwing speeds up video creation

With Kapwing, the Longhouse team saves time and effort editing so they can focus on telling great stories for their clients and growing their business. 


Testimonial from a satisfied Longhouse customer, made

“Because of Kapwing, our partners are even more happy with our video production service,” says Simran Rai, Results Manager at Longhouse Media. “And I save time that I can put into other aspects of growing Longhouse, like writing scripts for our social media content.”

Other ways the Longhouse team spends their newly found time since using Kapwing include:

  • Increasing the quality of clients’ video projects through strategy, storyboarding, and filming.
  • Optimizing Longhouse’s business processes and systems for internal efficiency.
  • Scaling their client base, so they can serve more customers and grow their business.

Longhouse Media’s goal has always been simple: to work alongside their clients to ensure they achieve lasting results. Now, with Kapwing, Longhouse is able to meet that goal more efficiently and scale their video production services with ease. 

“We’re going to keep growing our marketing agency by telling great stories,” says Longhouse Media Founder, Keenan Beavis. “Having a tool like Kapwing in our corner makes growing businesses easier and we’re reminded of that every day.”

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