Recently, I wanted to post a screen recording from my MacBook onto Twitter. Even though the video is only 20 seconds long, I got an error message that said “That kind of file isn’t supported yet. Try uploading a gif, video, or picture instead.”

It turns out that Twitter doesn’t support .MOV files, a common file type for videos recorded on iPhones and Macs. In this document, I’ll explain how to post a .MOV video clip on Twitter by first converting it to a GIF or a MP4.

As of December 2020, it is possible to post MOVs on Twitter. You should be able to upload the MOV or QuickTime file directly on the Twitter website or app. However, the below tutorial is still helpful if you want to publish an unsupported file type, like an .AVI or .FLV.

Step 1: Find a Free Convert Video tool

I recommend Kapwing’s free Convert Video tool. Start by uploading the video clip that you were going to post.

Step 2: Convert the File to an MP4

Once you’ve uploaded to Kapwing, select the .MP4 option to convert the clip to a video. If you have a short clip and want to convert it to a GIF, Kapwing also lets you do that. Use the Trim video button to narrow down the section you want to include in your final post.

Step 3: Download and share on Twitter

Click the pink "Create" button to process the video.

After the video or GIF has been processed, download the converted file to post to Twitter. Twitter supports both .MP4 and .GIF files, so you should now be able to publish the converted clip. I hope this helps you share your videos with the world!