How to Post FLV and AVI Videos on Twitter

It turns out that Twitter doesn’t support AVI or FLV files, common for older videos. I'll show you how to post either video type on Twitter by converting it to an MP4.

How to Post FLV and AVI Videos on Twitter

Recently, I wanted to post a screen recording from my MacBook onto Twitter. Even though the video is only 20 seconds long, I got an error message that said “That kind of file isn’t supported yet. Try uploading a gif, video, or picture instead.”

It turns out that Twitter doesn’t support .MOV files, common file types for videos older videos or those recorded with certain webcam software. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to post your FLV or AVI video clips on Twitter by first converting them to MP4 files.

Step 1: Upload Your Video to the Kapwing Converter

I recommend Kapwing’s free Convert Video tool. Start by uploading the video clip that you were going to post.

A screenshot of the Kapwing Video Converter homepage.

Step 2: Convert the File to an MP4

Once you’ve uploaded to Kapwing, watch the video preview to make sure your video matches the section you want to post on Twitter. Use the Trim video button to narrow down the section you want to include in your final post.

Then, click the "Export Video" button to export the clip as an MP4 file.

Be aware that Twitter files cannot be longer than 2 mins and 20 seconds. Drag the start and end times to finalize when the video clip should start and end.

Step 3: Download and share on Twitter

Click the Export button to process the video. Kapwing will process it quickly – since Twitter videos can't be longer than 2:20 in length, your file should be ready to download in under a minute.

A screenshot of the Kapwing download page.

After your video has been processed, download the converted file to post to Twitter. If you're not signed into a Kapwing account, sign in or sign up using your Google or Facebook account – once you've signed into a Kapwing account, the watermark in the lower right corner will be removed from your final video.

I hope this article helps you post any video you want on Twitter! If you're interested in more tips and tutorials on creating great video content for social media, check out our YouTube channel Kapwing App. And in the meantime, look through some related articles on digital media editing for Twitter:

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