What is the difference between Mp3 and Mp4?

At the most basic level, MP3 is a format that stores audio while MP4 is a format that stores multiple forms of media including audio, video, images, and text (including subtitles). If you are working with audio you should use MP3 and if you are working with any additional media you should work with MP4.

Convert MP4 to MP3

If you want to convert your MP4 to an MP3 to save only the audio from a video you can use Kapwing’s free online conversion tool. This is particularly useful for downloading songs from Youtube videos or Instagram.

Convert MP3 to MP4

If you want to convert your MP3 to an MP4 you can use Kapwing’s video collage studio to convert audio to video. You might want to do this to add a bit of flare to your song. Adding images to go with sound is a great way to grab your listeners attention.

Click “Get started” then “Start with a blank canvas.” Upload your audio by selecting “Add Audio” from the bottom menu. Then upload your own image or find an image using the search tool. The image will automatically show for the length of the song. One you are happy with your mp4, click “DONE.” When your video is done loading you can download it and share it with friends.

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