How to Make a Year in Review Video

Make a year in review video by combing your video clips, photos, images, screenshots, inside jokes, quotes, and more to remember the year! Perfect for New Years and other celebrations or occasions.

How to Make a Year in Review Video

"What an insane year." Although we were all in lockdown, this year - 2020 - will be one that we remember forever. A pandemic, a presidential election, huge job turnover rates, the rise of TikTok and Zoom parties: 2020 has truly been one for the memory b0oks. As the sun sets on 2020, we pause to remember and reflect on the year that has passed.

As the New Year approaches we start to see a ton of Year in Review content from friends, relatives, and even companies. Spotify gives us our top songs. Youtube rewinds itself (however heinous the rewind may be).

You can easily create your own Year in Review video before December 31st. It’s just a matter of compiling the videos and photos you already have on your phone in a shareable way. Here’s how to make a Year in Review video in 3 steps:

  1. Upload your clips
  2. Trim and rearrange them
  3. Add music

Here’s the year in review video I made as an example:

Step 1: Upload your clips

We carry a video camera in our pockets every day so it’s never been easier to capture memories. Go through your videos and upload your favorites to Kapwing’s free online video maker tool. You can also include photos. Upload liberally; you can always delete videos and images you don’t want later.

Choose photos or videos that go together well. For example, you might choose a sequence of pictures illustrating a transformation over time. You might choose a series of images of the same thing from different perspectives, or different things from the same perspective.

Step 2: Trim and rearrange your clips

You’re welcome to stay true to the original, full version of your content, but with Kapwing’s video maker you can trim your year in review into a highlight real. Go through and select “Trim” for each video to pick out the best part.

I recommend each video be no longer than 5 seconds (unless it’s really special in which case you should show all of it) to keep things moving and interesting. You can also select how long you want each image to be.

Step 3: Add music

Add music to your year in review video by opening it in Kapwing’s Studio. (Adding music will be integrated into the video maker in the future). You can download then upload your video, or copy and paste the link to the video. Then click Add Audio to add the music of your choosing. You can use a music file, paste a link to a YouTube video, or pull music from a video (the tool does this automatically for you!).

Your Year, Reviewed

When you are happy with your video, you can download it to your device to share the file or upload it to social media. Here’s how to download your video on an iPhone. You can also share the link to the video on Kapwing. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Tag us @kapwingapp on social media to share you work with us.