You can attract more attention with a GIF instead of a picture, but how can you go even further? Well, I've discovered that a color-changing GIF like the one above is a big attention grabber, and can be effective to get your message seen.

I've used color changing gifs like this for marketing materials, social media posts, and even in a pitch deck. They're versatile and can be used alone or overlaid onto a bigger piece of content. For this example, I'm going to show you how I created the cover image above in a few easy steps.

  1. Create a template to color-change
  2. Duplicate & edit
  3. Repeat frames & export

1. Create a template to color-change

I started with the Kapwing Studio, chose the canvas size I wanted, added some text and a background color (you can also remove your background if you need to). I'm setting my template up to change the background color to different shades of purple and change which 'gif' text is bolded. Here's what my first image looks like after edits:

2. Duplicate frames

This part sounds hard, but couldn't be easier with Kapwing. First thing is to edit the duration, simply find and click the 'timeline' button, the left icon on top of the image's thumbnail in the sidebar. Hit 'custom' and enter 0.25 seconds (or however long you want the frame to last). Once you're back to the studio page, find and press the 'duplicate' button, just to the right of the 'timeline' button. You should 'duplicate' once for each color change you want to make, so if you want to include 3 total colors you should create 2 more duplicates (3 images total).  Here's what this step looks like for me:

3. Edit & repeat frames

So since the first image is the first frame, we're going to start editing the second frame. Change the background color, edit the text, add gifs, or make any other edits you want to. Get creative with the studio, you can add images to each frame or even add animation to your text. Make each proceeding frame look a little bit different, I switched the text color to white and made the next text block yellow. You can make a similar but different change to each frame, even a small change is pretty noticeable. Once all your frames are looking good, duplicate each frame repeating the same order. I duplicated them 4 times for a total of 2.25 seconds. Voila! Here's what my process looks like:

To export as a GIF, make sure you click 'settings' in the top right and make sure Kapwing knows to export as a GIF.

Kapwing has tons of amazing content editing tools, you can check out some other helpful tutorials here:

Thanks for reading!