How to Crop the Red Bar out of a Screencast Video

How to Crop the Red Bar out of a Screencast Video

When you record a screen on an iPhone, there is a red bar at the top of the screen that shows up while you’re recording. How do you crop that red bar out of your screencast video? If you’re promoting an app, website, YouTube video, or blog article, this red bar may be an off-brand blemish that you want to remove. In this article, I’ll show you how to crop out the red bar from a video recording or screencast on a iPhone.

Step 1: Record Screencast

The first step is to capture the recording of your screen on your phone. A screencast is like a video screenshot. On an iPhone, swipe up to reveal the control panel and click the dot within a circle in the lower left to start recording your screen. While the screen is being recorded, you’ll see a red bar across the top of your phone. To end the screencast, tap the red bar to save the recording to your photo gallery.

Step 2: Upload Screencast to Kapwing Studio

Once you have the screencast with a red bar at the top, open the Kapwing Studio. Kapwing is a free website that helps creators edit video, images, GIFs, and other digital media. It works on your phone and computer.

From the Kapwing home page, click “Get Started” and upload your video. You can play the screencast in the Kapwing video preview.

Step 3: Crop video

Once your video has uploaded, select the video layer and click the “Crop” option on the right side. Move the Crop selection area to remove the red bar from the top of the screencast video then click “Done Cropping.”

Demo of Crop in Kapwing Studio

You can also choose a pre-set aspect ratio to crop the screencast for Instagram or another social media platform. Alternatively, you can crop the video on top of a background layer.

Kapwing’s Studio has other design tools you can use for your screencast video, like the ability to add text, shapes, stickers, and more. I recommend speeding up the screencast 2x to increase the video’s tempo.

Step 4: Create and Download

Once your design looks like you want it to, click “Publish” to process the cropped video. Kapwing will handle your video on the back end, creating a new MP4 without the red bar at the top. You can share the URL of the final video page with friends or download the video to publish on social media.

If you’re still using your iPhone, you’ll need to download the Kapwing iOS app to download the cropped video to your camera roll. Paste the URL from the final video page into the app instead of clicking the download button.

That’s all! I hope this article helps you get rid of the red bar across the top of the iPhone screencast. Video edits like these can help perfect your video to share on social media or to use promoting your small business. Happy cropping!

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