420 Trippy & Funny Videos to Watch While You're Celebrating

420 Trippy & Funny Videos to Watch While You're Celebrating

Happy 420! For these high holidays, sit back, relax, and take a deep breath of that good good. Alternatively, eat a nice cookie, brownie, or gummy with a little something extra in it.

Are you stoned yet? Looking for something to watch? Look no further! Some of these videos are music videos, some of them are compilations of incredible art, some of them are nature documentaries, and some of them are comic gold. The title is just because it’s 420, there’s only 23 individual clips (for now!) But the compilations count as multiple videos, okay?

#1 Zeds Dead – Lost You

Colorful and color shifting animated music video for Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy) by Zed’s Dead is sure to give your eyes something to look at.

#2 Rick and Morty x Run the Jewels – Oh Mama

This special Episode of Rick and Morty was directed by Juan Meza-Leon. It’s an intense mini adventure and an exciting bonus to the regular seasons (which, lets face it, are too few and far between). Watch it more than once for full effect!

#3 Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse

This video is wild. But actually very urban! Directed by Nicky Smith. Caution, it failed the Harding test for photosensitive epilepsy!

#4 – 46 (42!) Black and White Geometry Animations

I recommend watching on full screen. These black and white coded animations are draw you in with their variety, geometry, and dynamic movement. Check out Nakauchi Kiyoshi’s Instagram and website. Music from Badjer. Compilation created using Kapwing’s Montage Maker. Music added and video speed edited using Kapwing’s Studio.

#5 Morena – ✞ЯфPKiLLΔℤ

This compilation of GIFs makes for a pretty cool music video. Created by Ilan Benjamin. You can create your own compilation using Kapwing’s Montage Maker and Studio.

#6 Zeds Dead – White Satin

Zed’s Dead at it again. Trippy music video created by Anthony Francisco Schepperd with the music by Zeds Dead, “White Satin.” Technology takes over the natural world as whales, fish, deer, and more are absorbed. Consumption! Nature! Read into it what you will!

#7 Samsara: Intro and Myanmar

Do you have time on your hands? Whether or not you do, you should watch Samsara. It’s an incredible, feature length, visual documentary that is sure to blow your mind.

#8 42(!) Oddly Satisfying Animation Imagination

These oddly (or not odd at all) satisfying 3D animations using Cinema4D were created by Andrew Wannerstedt. Spheres glide through shapes perfectly, pendulums swing in unison with the space, and beautifully textured computer generated ropes tie themselves together. Check out Wannerstedt’s Instagram and we bsite. Music by HNNY. Compilation created using Kapwing’s Montage Maker. Music added and video speed edited using Kapwing’s Studio.

#9 This Video of Pizza

Rémi Cabarrou, also known as @rogerkilimanjaro, also creates fun 3D animations with Cinema4D, incl1uding this Pizza stairway to heaven.

#10 3D Motion and Dynamics, in Triptych

Here’s more Rémi Cabarrou/@rogerkilimanjaro! Check out these 38 triptychs of videos.

#11 Cab Calloway – St James Infirmary Blues

An animated classic starring Betty Boom as Snow White in this very trip experience. Cab Calloway performs “St James Infirmary Blues”.

#12 Print Collage Animation Compilation

These nifty collages are plenty funny and weird to watch after partaking in the holiday. Check out Cobaltin’s Instagram. Compilation created using Kapwing’s Montage Makerand Kapwing’s Studio.

#13 Arben Vllasaliu Animations

Even more cool, satisfying animations. Check out Arben on Instagram.

#14 Tony Babel Crazy Illustration Animation

These are fun and a little creepy. Check out Tony Babel on Instagram and Youtube.

#15 Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

This animated music video is fun to watch, simple but very cool visualization of the music being performed. On a black background with 4 lines.

#16 This Fun Video with Slime

Check out Martin on Instagram and Vimeo.

#17 Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling directed this incredible claymation.

#18 BBC Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough

A true classic. Be it Planet Earth, Life, National Geographic, BBC, or otherwise are great to watch after you’ve dipped into your stash.

#19 Giraffes! (also BBC with David Attenborough)

If chill vibes are more your vibe, check out this video. Giraffes are pretty cool! This video has giraffes and both Australian and English accents, what else can anyone ask for?

#20 Planet Earth Parody

There’s Planet Earth, and then there’s ridiculous parodies.

#21 Another One!

#22 Bad Lip Reading: Star Wars

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, humor, and song, this video will surely moisturize your dry eyes with laughter tears. Caution, it’s very catchy!

#23 Between Two Ferns

In this series with Zach Galifianakis, famous people you know and love (including Jerry Seinfeld, Cardi B, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Justin Beiber, Samuel Jackson, and more) have slightly uncomfortable conversations. Watch the wholes series here.

#24 Vine Compilations

Speaks for itself! To make your own compilation, follow these instructions.

#25 Food Walking

And more to come! I will continue updating this list until we get to 420 videos. Submit your own compilation or recommendation by tagging us on social media @kapwingapp

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