10 Queer Creators to Follow for Pride Month

Pride month is upon us and it is important for us to diversify our social media feeds with LGBTQ+ influencers. Here are 10 queer creators to follow this month and every month!

10 Queer Creators to Follow for Pride Month

It’s the most powerful month of the year for the LGBTQ+ community. After last year’s virtually Pride-less June, this year we are ready to preach the gay agenda with a newfound vigor! Gay rights!

Whether you are queer or not, this is the month to increase your awareness of queer issues and voices. Here are 10 of the most important queer voices to be following this Pride Month and forever with content ranging from comedy, to history, to foraging!

Rebecca Black

Gotta get down on Fri-gay! Rebecca Black, singer of the iconic queer anthem “Friday”, recently came out last year as queer. Since then, she has been releasing certified fresh BOPS that share her experience in queer relationships (see “Girlfriend”).

Rebecca has started to venture into hyper pop music, and the gays are so thankful. She also has seen significant success on TikTok, showing the world that she is much more than a meme. The future is bright for this pop star!

Mac Kahey

Mac Kahey AKA MacDoesIt is one of YouTube’s most beloved creators, yet I still cannot help but feel that he is incredibly underrated. Mac’s iconic series such as “Reacting to Racist Videos Because Why the H*ll Not” and “Reacting to Anti-Gay Commercials Because I’m Gay” have allowed viewers to laugh in the face of those who try to tear them down.

He has gained hundreds of millions of views by capitalizing off of those who wish to hurt him. Talk about iconic! His distinct editing style and high energy personality will surely keep you coming back. Unequivocally himself, Mac inspires me to be as gay as possible!

Tess Gattuso

Tess Gattuso is the queer comedian and writer of the future. After going viral during the pandemic from her Gay BFF video , she has recently gained a mighty following online.

This success helped her get signed by the well-known agency CAA as a screenwriter. She takes pride in her ability to push societal boundaries through her comedy and we cannot wait to see her work hit the big screen! We were lucky enough to interview Tess, so check out that conversation here

Chella Man

Chella Man is about as multi-talented as one person can get. As an artist, author, and director who identifies as Deaf, genderqueer, trans-masculine, Chinese, and Jewish, he has a unique point of view and a story to tell that commands attention.

These identities manifest themselves in his art which push societal boundaries and raise awareness for accessibility, inclusivity, and equity. Support queer artists, or else!

Amy Ordman

Amy Ordman is a lesbian icon. Over the years, Amy had solidified herself at one of Lesbian YouTube™‘s sweethearts. She is the resident lesbian of the queer dating podcast, Dating Straight, and you may also know her as the girl from the “I’m Not Straight/ Okay, Maybe I am A Straight” viral meme.

With dreams to star in the not-yet-in-existence Real Housewives of West Hollywood, Amy is committed to sharing the lesbian agenda with the rest of the world. Until then, she is more than happy to share on her successful social media platforms.

Alexis Nikole

Alexis Nikole AKA Blackforager has stolen my heart and taught me so much knowledge. Alexis identifies as queer, but her content exclusively focuses on sustainable food systems like foraging and how her identity as a black woman informs these practices.


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She has taught me so much about how bountiful the world around us is, and I am constantly refreshed by her informative, silly, and authentic videos. Have a snack nearby while watching, btw.

Cami Petyn

Cami Petyn is the lesbian pop star we always dreamed of. Having started on YouTube years ago as a channel that focused on veganism, Cami shifted her content to follow her more recently found passion: music.

Throughout this time, she also has worn her sexuality on her sleeve, bringing her audience along on her quest to figure out who she is and who she loves. Able to both soothe you to sleep and rock your world, it’s time to support this independent queer artist!

Vane Pena

Legendary thirst trapper Vane Pena has shot to stardom as one of TikTok’s most beloved gentlethems. Whether it be emotional POVs, letting viewers in on their recently public relationship, or sharing about the non-binary experience, Vane has gained millions of followers in just the past year; a testament to their lovable energy and entertaining content.


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At just 19, Vane has all of the tools to solidify theirself as one of the queer community’s leading online voices. Support our rising queer youths, please and thank you!

Tee Noir

Tee Noir has quickly garnered a large audience over only the past two years through her equal-parts entertaining and thought provoking commentary channel. Often discussing subject matters such as culture, queerness, and black womanhood, Tee is able to critique our society’s shortcomings in a comprehensive yet digestible way.

One of YouTube’s most up-and-coming creators, Tee has a point of view that I keep coming back to time and time again. She tells it like it is, and I think we need more of that energy online. I can’t wait to see more!

Dr. Eric Cervini

Dr. Eric Cervini is a self-described homo-historian who has made it his mission to uplift underrepresented queer stories throughout history. His book, The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. the United States of America, which recalls the story of one of the most important legal disputes in gay history about the legality of homosexuality, became an instant New York Times Best Seller last year.

Cervini uses his talents as a writer and researcher to remind us why we have Pride Month: to celebrate the queer leaders who came before us, and give us the confidence to emulate them as queer leaders of the future.

I hope this article inspire you to diversify your social media feeds and uplift queer voices this month and every month! Support your local gay social media creator by following the Kapwing TikTok where I make videos every week, and also check out these related articles about Pride Month:

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