10 Trending TikTok Songs that are on the Radio Today

There's always that one song we hear on TikTok that gets stuck in our heads. We can give credit to the radio for this. Here are 10 trending TikTok songs that are on the radio today.

10 Trending TikTok Songs that are on the Radio Today

If you think radio is declining, you’d be wrong.

With an astounding 92% of Americans over the age of 18 listening to the radio weekly, it's safe to say radio is still a powerful channel. Even when we turn on the radio, we still get trending songs that we would otherwise hear when we're on our phones. In this case, on TikTok.

What once was a short-video platform is now a leading platform for songs and music to gain popularity. TikTok songs always get stuck in your head, whether you like it or not. Here are 10 TikTok songs that are on the radio today:

1. Woman - Doja Cat

Let's face it: Doja Cat is the queen of TikTok with a majority of her songs being a hit on the platform. The song “Woman," in particular, is a leading song among all people. This song is even being used in drag shows with emphasis on the famous line “Divine feminine, I’m feminine.”

When Doja Cat released the music video for this song, she partnered with Girls Who Code to integrate an interactive experience where the viewer can type in simple code to make their viewing experiences tailored to their choices. This goes to show this song and its music video embraces the beauty and power that comes with being a woman, for anyone who identifies as a woman.


How did I- !!!😳 Anyways dc: me

♬ Woman - Doja Cat
@tracy.oj shares her choreography to "Woman" by Doja Cat on TikTok.

2. Money - Lisa

Lisa, who started in the K-pop group BLACKPINK, released her song “Money” as a solo artist. This took to TikTok quickly, as creators started using the chorus to this song as a way to boost confidence.


I love this song😩

♬ MONEY - 리사 (LISA)
@yoongitea2 adds to the trending song on TikTok by including funny, but relatable context.

3. Meet Me at Our Spot - the Anxiety (Willow Smith and Tyler Cole)

The Anxiety, consisting of Willow Smith and Tyler Cole as a musical duo, released their album “The Anxiety” in early 2020. Because of this, people have referred to the track “Meet Me at Our Spot” as a "sleeper hit" that wasn’t popular at release, but gained popularity later on TikTok.


meet me at our spot

♬ original sound - Sha The Crow
@croweisha recites "Meet Me at Our Spot" over dramatically, imitating the way Willow sings this chorus.

It don’t hit the same 😮‍💨 #williowsmith #meetmeatourspot #fyp #viral

♬ Meet Me At Our Spot - THE ANXIETY & WILLOW & Tyler Cole
@lawandmusic reacts to the original The Anxiety song after hearing @croweisha's version all over TikTok.

4. good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

Along with Olivia Rodrigo, creators on TikTok jammed out to “good 4 u” because of its upbeat composition inspired by Paramore’s “Misery Business.” At the end of the day, “good 4 u” and Rodrigo won the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards “TikTok Bop of the Year.”


Is this normal? 😭 #fyp #foryou #jokes #ketchup #pizza #food #likeadamnsociopath

♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo
@marcemjay adds to the "good 4 u" TikTok trend by making the punchline of their joke "like a d*mn sociopath."

5. About Damn Time - Lizzo

When Lizzo released “About Damn Time” in April 2022, everyone immediately fell in love, with some credit to TikTok creator @jaedengomezz for choreographing a dance to the hook in the song.


it’s about damn time 💥 dc: me @lizzo

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo
@jaedengomezz shares her choreography for Lizzo's song "About Damn Time." 

Y’all ready for met gala tea?

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo
@lizzo learned @jaedangomezz's choreography and posts this TikTok video the night she's at the Met Gala.

6. As It Was - Harry Styles

“As It Was” is also a song released in April 2022 that blew up instantly. It’s safe to say that Harry Styles’ fan base is on it. The hook for this song is used on TikTok to reminisce about the past and good memories.


You know it’s not the same as it was in 2015

♬ As It Was - Harry Styles
@maddiecastellano uses Harry Styles' "As It Was" to reminisce on the years she's spent with her husband and the births of their children.

7. First Class - Jack Harlow

TikTok mashups and remixed songs are getting more and more popular. Songs by Doja Cat and Latto sample “oldie songs” on TikTok like Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” In this case, Jack Harlow samples Fergie’s “Gorgeous,” adding his own lyrics to the hook of the song.


i’m sorry @Jack Harlow #firstclass #greenscreenvideo

♬ First Class - Jack Harlow
@hcathers makes a playful TikTok imitating Jack Harlow's dance to his own song.

8. Love Nwantiti - CKay ft. El Grande ToTo (North African Remix)

We all know TikTok dances are embedded into the platform now. With countless creators, regardless of choreography experience or not, comes more light on songs to gain popularity. Love Nwantiti by CKay, for instance, was released in 2019. It wasn’t until the El Grande ToTo remix was released that creators like @yasminheroo and @davidvooo choreographed a dance that most folks can adopt and do themselves.


@davidvooo 🥰 dc @Tracy Joseph

♬ Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) - FYP🖤🇲🇺
TikTok creators @yasminheroo and @davidvooo performing the TikTok dance to "Love Nwantiti" by CKay.

9. Abcdefu - GAYLE

Represented by Atlantic Records, GAYLE released “abcdefu” in the summer of 2021. Although some folks think this song was a marketing ploy planted by the record label, Atlantic Records has denied these claims. Instead, the comment posted by a digital marketing manager from the record label, Nancy Berman, was intended to be a playful comment since both she and GAYLE knew they were releasing a “breakup song using the alphabet” in the weeks ahead. Whether this was a ploy or not, “abcdefu” has proven to become successful with over 2.4 million TikTok videos using this song.


Reply to @nancy_berman definitely not based off personal experience... #orginalsong #newmusic #plslikethisaccount #hastagsworkapparently #acoustic

♬ abcdefu - GAYLE
Musical artist GAYLE (@gaylecantspell) performing her song "abcdefu" on TikTok, giving it the spotlight it needed.

10. I Hate U - SZA

SZA has always been a musical artist that listeners can relate to. With smooth bass lines and a soothing voice, the line “If you wonder if I hate you, I do” from SZA’s “I Hate U” lets creators on TikTok express their dislike of a certain person.


On top of the world!

♬ I Hate U - SZA
@pepperonimuffin using the "I Hate U" sound on TikTok to refer to her ex partner's doubts.

Whether you have TikTok or not, you're bound to hear one of these trending TikTok songs on the radio today. As new music gets released, we're starting to see a trend of using TikTok in marketing strategies and advertisements. Based on what we've seen so far, it's definitely working.

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