Spring is long past, but pastel colors are still in season for any design, aesthetic, mood board, or colorway. Any light & refreshing design needs a unique, evocative palette of pastels to bring it to life.

A pastel, generally, is any color that is especially light, like those produced by pastel chalk crayons. Pastel, most precisely, is an artistic medium that has been used for centuries – most notably, it was a favored material of the early Modernist artists like Degas and Manet, playing a large part in the development of French Impressionism and its light, airy "en plein air" aesthetic stylings.

Pastel colors, from Monet to Pinterest. 

You can find pastel colors everywhere you turn in digital art, as well. If you want to put together your own pastel designs, don't spend your time tweaking hexcodes and dragging sliders to come up with the pastel tones you need – we'll do the work instead. Click "Use This Palette" under any of these curated color palettes and move, recolor, replace, and edit the color swatches yourself. Then, add other elements to your designs, store them for later, download them to your device, or share them on social media.

Pastel Palette #1:


This first palette gives off birthday cake, cotton candy, Easter egg vibes. It probably has the most diverse color range of any of the palettes on this list, which makes it easy to use in a variety of locations. Throw these nicely paired pastels in with any images or designs, even those without a precisely defined color scheme.  

Pastel Palette #2:


This palette, on the other hand, has a narrowly defined tone: autumnal. It's still fairly light and pastel, but it's more evocative of bonfires, pumpkins, and fallen leaves than candy & flowers. It's the perfect Pinterest mood board palette, a homey, bohemian DIY colorway.

Pastel Palette #3:


This palette has a certain sleepy aesthetic that feels very 2020. It's comprised of all warm, soft tones – a deeper lavender fading seamlessly into a light pink-orange. It's straight out of She-Ra or No Game, No Life, a chic, Gen Z color palette for a calm, relaxed aesthetic.

Pastel Palette #4:


There are more important reasons to celebrate the trans flag and its colors, but there's also no sense in denying that it's aesthetically beautiful. This pastel palette uses that lesson and allows you to create your own lovely magenta & robin's egg aesthetic scheme. It's a fairly neutral combination, so it's easy to use this sort of colorway for any purpose.

Pastel Palette #5:


This pastel palette feels like Hollister clothes from a decade ago, or a beachfront Airbnb living room. It also features a light grey, usually not considered a type of pastel color. But a pale grey complements these pastels so perfectly, I had to make a small exception.

Thanks for reading! These are only 5 pastel colorways, and there's room for infinite variation and creativity when working with your own color palettes. Switch around any colors you like using the templates and produce the exact mood, message, and aesthetic you want! While you're here, follow us on social media @KapwingApp and check out some further reading on digital aesthetic design made easy:

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