How To Make A Photo Cut Out

Making a photo cutout is a super fun and popular trend at the moment. While it may sound complicated, I'm going to show you some simple and easy ways to make your photo cut outs look professional and seamless.

How To Make A Photo Cut Out

Ever see those awesome (and hilariously awesome) photos of somebody or something, that looks like maybe it was cut out from an original photo? For example, a really cute portrait with the background removed, a dog on the moon, or the ever growing  twitch emotes.  

Making a photo cutout (or removing the background) of an already existing photo, is a fun and popular trend at the moment. It's a graphic design technique you can use to the replace the background of your image and transport your subject to a different setting. For example, you can make photo cutouts of a bridal party and put them together in the same photo for a Zoom wedding.

While it may sound involved, I'm going to show you some simple and easy ways to make your photo cut outs look professional and seamless. Using an AL-powered remove background tool, you can make a PNG quickly and precisely. Once you have the cutout, you can use it as an overlay, download it as a transparent PNG file, or

So, let’s take that really cute selfie (don’t lie, I know you have one) and create a cut out of it! You can also opt to do this with ANY photo or image of your choice. Product images, YouTube thumbnails, fan posters, and promotional posters all look great with cutouts as overlays or in the corner. I find that photo cut outs do really well as a thumbnail for a youtube video or an IGTV post. You can also just make your cut outs into stickers and post them on your photos, texts, or videos.   Creative license granted.

Here’s what you will need to do to make an image cutout for free online:

  1. Upload your photo
  2. Automatically remove the background
  3. [Optional] Make other image edits
  4. Export and share

Step 1. Upload Your Photos

If you're using photos that are somewhere on your phone, computer, iPad, or old desktop... it might be good to locate them beforehand! Head to Kapwing's Remove Background from Image tool to upload it directly from your camera or camera roll.

You can also use Kapwing's direct image search to import a photo from Google. Find the "Images" tab in the sidebar and type the keyword that you want to search for.

Step 2: Erase Background

Once your image has fully uploaded, select the layer and click the "Erase" button.

You will be taken to an overlay with the cutout already cut. The background has automatically disappeared, thank to the machine of AI! Use the "Erase" and "Restore" wants to remove unwanted pixels or add sections of the cutout back in to the image. Zoom in and shrink the radius of the pen to get more precision.

For example, I removed the man standing beside my friend from this photo to get a cutout of her alone.

Once you return to the Studio, your cutout will automatically have a transparent background. To make a PNG, click "Export Project" to get your  photo cutout on it's own. This transparent image can be used as an overlay for other Kapwing projects, in videos, images or designs.

Step 3: [Optional] Make Other Edits

Alternatively, you can design a background for your cutout directly within Kapwing.

Upload an image background or change the background color to put the image cutout into a different setting. The world is your editing oyster. You can also cut the background out of any other photos you add in this step, either by searching "Images" or uploading your own.

Experiment with Kapwing's text layers to bring your creative vision to life. You can collage together multiple photo cutouts for a great collection or decorate the cutout scene however you want. Duplicate the layer to make multiple copies of your cutout on the same canvas.

Step 5. Export

After all that hard work, now you get to save and publish. Use the export button to get the final version of your design and download as a JPEG.

Hopefully ,this article helps, and you’re ready to start creating photo cut outs. Kapwing has some other great resources that will help turn your videos into professional looking content. Feel free to tag us with a #kapwing for an extra like and follow on any platform! We appreciate any shoutouts, feedback, ideas, and general user love. Happy editing!

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