How to Add Your Watermark to a Video Online

How to Add Your Watermark to a Video Online

Watermarks ensure that your content is attributed to you no matter who reposts it or where it is shared on the internet. People who view your content will also see your brand, which means your business gains visibility and exposure.

There are some great video watermarking tools for overlaying an image or text box on a photo, but adding a watermark to a video can be difficult. In this article, I’ll explain how to watermark a video using a free online tool called Kapwing.

Step 1: Design your watermark

What is your brand? The first step is to come up with the watermark to represent your brand. Consider the adjectives that you want associated with your business: Audacious? Minimal? Eclectic? These adjectives should inform the font, colors, and visuals you choose for your watermark. Brainstorm themes and put together a mood board with your ideas.

To watermark your video content, you can either use a text or image watermark. Image watermarks are PNGs with logos, names, or custom designs. For Kapwing, we hired someone on Fiver to design our simple cat logo for us. Fonts work just as well, especially if you use the same font and color every time you make a photo or video.

Old vs new Kapwing watermark

Also consider how readable the watermark is when added on top of a video or image. For example, our watermark originally had cutout letters – that is, the inside of the “Kapwing” text was transparent. But on a white background, this renders the text invisible (pictured above). Instead, we filled in the letters for an opaque, readable watermark.

Consider adjusting the opacity of your watermark to avoid masking your content. You don’t want your text or video objects to be obscured, and adding transparency is a good balance between making your brand noticeable and subtle at the same time.

Step 2: Upload your content

Open Kapwing’s Watermark Video tool and click “Get Started.” You can choose to either start with a blank canvas (sized for social media) or upload the video, GIF, or photo that you want to add your watermark to. You can either upload directly from your computer or you can import directly from Vimeo, YouTube, Giphy, Twitter, Google Drive, or another website.

You can also choose one of the pre-made templates with a logo in the bottom corner or a text box pre-arranged in the top corner.

Step 3: Add your watermark

For text, click the “Add Text” option in the menu and type in your watermark text. Then, click on the “Change font” button to choose from an extensive library of fonts and the “Text color” option to enter your brand’s hex value. Use the corner sliders to move and resize the text.

Snapshot of Kapwing’s font library

If you want to add an image watermark like a logo, upload the PNG or JPG after clicking the “Upload” button in the lower left. Then, drag and drop your watermark file (or select from your camera roll) to upload it to Kapwing. You can position it wherever you like on top of your media as an overlay or add a rectangle behind it.

Kapwing allows you can drag the text box or image around, resize it, and position it as an overlay on the video. Once the video preview looks correct, just click “Create” to process your video.

Step 4: Download, Share, and Repeat

After your video has been processed, you can download the watermarked version as an MP4 to share with your friends or publish on social media. If you have another video clip or photo you want to upload, you can start over or click on the “edit” button to return to the editor and replace the media.


I hope this tutorial makes it easier for your brand or company to quickly embed your logo into social media content. The Kapwing watermark tool works for photos, videos, and GIFs and it’s free to use, so it’s a great resource when you need to move quickly for different types of content.

Happy watermarking! If you love the tool, please help us out by sharing Kapwing with your friends and tagging #Kapwing in your posts on Instagram and Twitter. Looking forward to seeing your watermarks.