Kapwing was designed with teachers and students in mind. We built a product that enabled young people and teachers to create videos, multimedia collages, and more from any device without any need for technical training or expertise. Digital education is one of Kapwing's three pillars (along with storytelling and entertainment).

Now, in this time of crisis, we've decided to give Kapwing Pro for free to any educator affected by emergency closures. We hope to make Kapwing more accessible for Remote Learning champions:

  • Creating lesson videos: To support remote learning, teachers are creating videos with lessons, lectures, demonstrations, and extra study material. Kapwing Pro makes it easier for teachers to edit these videos and share them with students. Teachers can also add captions to make those videos more engaging and accessible to students with hearing impediments.
  • Enabling students to make and share video and multimedia projects: Teachers can invite their students to a Pro Workspace to enable them to do creative digital media projects from home. Unlike iMovie or Adobe Premiere, students can collaborate together on video projects in real time. Check out our library of Kapwing lessons plan ideas that teachers can use for #remotelearning assignment ideas.

Kapwing is mostly free to use regardless, but Kapwing Pro will allow teachers to access and edit older videos, use "Download SRT" functionality to make videos more accessible with closed captions, and publish videos that are more than 10 minutes long. See our pricing page for information about what the Pro plan includes.

To get a free Kapwing Pro license, sign up below with the email address that you've used to sign in to Kapwing. Teachers at both the K12 level and in higher education qualify if employed by a certified not-for-profit institution.

As the school year winds down, this offer has now closed. Please check back in August 2020 if your school is still affected by the covid-19 closures.

We appreciate the amazing work that teachers do everyday to support learning and their students. Thanks to our friends at Flipgrid and Buncee for the inspiration and to our incredible first "eduvoCAT" (@lieberrian). Please reach out to us on Twitter with any questions, and help us spread the word by sharing this post!