How to Use Smart Cut

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Are you sick of having to remove silent, dead spots from your video? With the help of Kapwing's Smart Cut tool, we've made it simpler.

What is Smart Cut?

We've added an AI tool called Smart Cut to Kapwing to make video editing 10x faster for creators. It makes the process of making a rough cut much easier by automatically identifying and removing the silent sections of your video. There is no need to download any software because Smart Cut works in the browser on any device.

Where is Smart Cut in the Editor?

The "Smart Cut" button is located in the Video Edit menu sidebar on the right and will appear once you have added a video to the Studio. The tool window will open when you click Smart Cut after the video you uploaded has been fully processed. Any type of video, including vlogs, presentations, tutorials, and podcasts that are filmed, editing will be simple.

Smart Tool

How do you use Smart Cut?

Upload a video file that you would like to cut silences from. Make sure to wait until the file is fully uploaded to our site - you can determine this by checking the upload status in the Media Library. Once it has finished uploading, click the "+" button in the bottom right corner of the asset to add it to the Timeline.

Screenshot of a video uploading in "Media" of Kapwing Studio

Select the video in the Timeline and click “Smart Cut” which appears in the Edit sidebar on the right.

Smart Cut The Smart Cut modal will appear and begin detecting the silences. You can control the threshold used for silence detection in the "Silence Sensitivity" slider in the bottom left corner. Moving the slider to the right will increase the amount of silence removed, while moving the slider towards the left will leave more of the silences in the video.

Once the silences have been detected, you can zoom in or out of the timeline in the modal, and choose whether you’d like to modify the detected silence or keep the selected silence.

To modify a detected silence, you can zoom in and use the handles on the left and right of the silence to increase or decrease the amount you want removed.

To choose to keep a detected silence, you can click on the silence. This will de-select it and it will turn gray. To re-include it in the cut, click on it again and it will turn red.

If you’d like to undo any of your modifications or selections, click the Reset button below done.

Finalize When you’re ready to do the Smart Cut, click “Done”. This will automatically cut the video around the silences. The video will then be deposited as a set of split clips without the silences in the timeline.

Spruce it up Use our other features in Kapwing to add other final edits to the video. You can add automatically generated subtitles, images, text, GIFs, and more. When you’ve created the video to your satisfaction you can finally export and share.

We hope that you use and enjoy this new and innovative tool on our site.

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