What is a GIF?

Simply put, GIFs are image files that contain multiple frames to create a video like animated image. Since GIFs are image files, they do not have the capability to pause, play, or seek duration like videos. They also do not have a set "duration", unlike videos that are 30 seconds long, 2 minutes long, etc.

How do I edit the duration of my GIF on Kapwing?

It's super simple to extend the duration of your GIF file.

1. When you upload your GIF file to Kapwing, it will be uploaded as an image file with no duration, so you need to go to the "Timeline" tab, and add a duration of 10 seconds or a custom duration amount.

‚Äč2. Once you've got yourself a "video" with a duration, you can set the "custom duration" to the amount of time that you want your GIF to loop for (ie 2:00 for 2 minutes) or seconds (120 for 2 minutes). You can even hover over the Gif video track until you see the purple box, and then click and drag to the duration that you need.

How do I add audio to my GIF to make a video?

You can upload your audio file directly into the timeline by clicking "Upload" and selecting an .MP3 file to upload directly. When the audio track uploads completely, the GIF track should automatically match the duration of the audio file. If not, you can hover, click, and drag the purple box at the end of the video track.

But keep in mind that a GIF is an image file. Exporting your image as a GIF will eliminate the audio file because you would be exporting an image file instead of a video file (.MP4)