How to Request a Feature on Kapwing

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Have a feature you would like to see on our website? Please contact us to send your feature request in.

We have a small team of <40 people based in San Francisco, but we love to talk with our users and hear what they need from us. Please send us an email with your ideas for how we can make Kapwing better and your pain points in the content creation process that we could simplify.

Once our customer relations team processes your request, they will socialize it with our engineering and product management team in Slack. From here, the request gets slotted into design and implementation. Here's a recent post in our #feature-requests channel:

Slack message: Pro User feature request the ability to input shape dimensions for consistency of sizing opposed to using the transformers.

What's helpful to include in a feature request?

If you're emailing us a request, please include as much information as possible about the functionality you envision:

  1. A clear and detailed description of the use case and the pain point that you're experiencing in your creative workflow. If possible, include a link to a video or project that you're trying to create.
  2. An explanation of your vision for what a better feature would look like. Include a sketch, screenshot, or screen recording if possible.
  3. An example of your feature used on a different application or site (if applicable)

Here are a few feature requests that our community has asked for that we have released:

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!

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