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Kapwing's AI Script to Video Generator will transform your existing script into a video within seconds. Save yourself time from gathering content and let our AI tools take care of it for you.

How Do I Use the AI Script to Video Generator?

Access the AI Script to Video Generator and other AI tools by clicking the lightbulb icon in the top bar within Kapwing Studio at any time.

Enter your script, adjust your settings, and click Generate Video From Script.

AI Script to Video Generator

When in the AI Script to Video Generator menu, you can:

  • Edit your script
  • Adjust the script input language
  • Select a male or female narrator
  • Select a video aspect ratio
  • Choose subtitle styling

If you're utilizing a script in a non-English language, don't forget to update the 'Language of Text Input' field. Choose from a short-list of our language options to start including but not limited to Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and more.

Once your video is generated, you can update the subtitles to any other supported language like Basque, Icelandic or Swahili. You can download your transcript as a .TXT file, or download your subtitles as .SRT, .VTT or .TXT file types.

Continue to edit your video within Kapwing studio or export your project as an MP4. View our Getting Started Guide if you'd like more information on how to use the Kapwing studio editor.

What If I Don't Have A Script?

You can manually enter a script within the text box or use our AI Script Generator to create one for you. You can find the script generator within the same menu as our other AI tools. Once your script has been generated, click Generate Video from Script to create your video.

AI Script to Video Menu

Note: Our AI is still in BETA and we only allow up to 5-minute-long AI-created videos.

AI Script Generator Menu

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