About Kapwing's AI Script Generator

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Kapwing's AI Script Generator creates an engaging script for your next video from scratch. Just enter a short prompt and let our AI Script Generator create for you. Take it a step further by transforming your newly generated script into video using our AI Script to Video Generator.

Access the AI Script Generator and other AI tools by clicking the lightbulb icon in the top bar within Studio at any time.

AI Powered Script Generator

How Do I Use the AI Script Generator?

Enter your video topic or idea, adjust your settings, and click Generate Script.

Using AI to generate a script

That's it! You'll have a brand new script for your next video in seconds. You can adjust your script by topic, video duration, and the target sharing platform like TikTok, YouTube or Instagram.

Once you've generated the script, you can copy the script to your clipboard (pasting into a Google Doc or Notes app) or generate a video from that script.

How Many Scripts Can I Create?

With a free Kapwing account, you're able to use our AI Script Generator for two scripts. You may always upgrade to Kapwing Pro for extended access to this AI tool and more.  Visit our pricing page for more information.

What Platforms Does the Script to Video Make Videos for?

When you generate a script, you'll see options to generate a script for TikTok, YouTube, Reels, and Shorts. Each target platform leads to a different tone in the generated script based on video transcripts that have been successful on that platform in the past.

Toggle between target platforms on the Script Generator interface before generating the Script.

Can I Create a Video From My Script?

Once your script is generated, you can copy it to your clipboard or click Generate Video From Script.

Generate Video from Script

When in the AI Script to Video Generator menu, you can:

  • Edit your script
  • Adjust the script input language
  • Select a male or female narrator voice
  • Select a video aspect ratio
  • Choose subtitle styling

To learn more about transforming your script into video, visit our AI Script to Video Generator article.

Generate a video from your script

Once your video is generated, you can edit the video within Kapwing studio to update images, videos, subtitles, music and more.

Learn more about other AI features within Kapwing's studio editor.

AI Video Generator
AI Script to Video Generator