How to Make Pinterest Story Pins on Desktop and Mobile

With the release of Pinterest Story Pins, creators can share up to 20 pages of visual content with videos, voiceovers, and text overlay. In this article, I'll show you how to create your first story pin on desktop and mobile.

How to Make Pinterest Story Pins on Desktop and Mobile

On September 23, Pinterest announced its biggest update to the platform, Story Pins. This new type of pin allows creators to share up to 20 pages of visual stories with videos, voiceovers, and text overlay to drive inspiration and creativity. Creators can share tutorials, recipes, and talents without the need for a website while building an engaged audience.

Pinterest has been the go-to source for inspiration and strives to become the platform where you're not only inspired, but equipped to inspire others. Since story pins launched, creators have proven to share that goal. Fashion influencers have shared outfit of the day posts and marketing experts have made how-to guides to educate followers. Below are additional examples of how creators are using this feature.

Story Pin by Lauren Conrad Co

Story Pin by Brittany Jepsen | The House That Lars Built

While stories have launched on every social platform, Pinterest story pins differ in a major way. They do not disappear after 24 hours and remain discoverable in relevant search results. Story pins can be saved to boards for future reference, but you cannot directly link to them, likely to increase engagement on Pinterest.

Story pins are currently available in the US for select creators with a business account and will be rolled out to international users in the future. Now that we have the basics covered, I'll show you how to create your first story pin on desktop and mobile and discuss the overall value of the feature.

Create Story Pins on Desktop

Begin by logging into your Business Account. Click Create at the top left corner of the screen, then click Create Story Pin. This will open your drafts. Click Create New to upload images or videos. Videos should be between 1-60 seconds per page. The maximum image size is 32MB  and 50 MB for videos.  

Click the Layout tab to choose between two options. You can change the Background Color if you choose the second layout. Click the Image tab to rotate or flip a photo. You can type up to 250 characters and change the font style, size, alignment, and color.  

If you want to add extra elements like GIFs or music, you'll need to use a separate tool, like Kapwing. Kapwing is a free online video and photo editor where you can customize images with music, a voiceover, GIFs and animations. Click the + sign to add another page to your story pin. You can have up to 20 pages in a story and can rearrange the order.

Image by Tim Foster on Unsplash

When you're finished adding each page, click Next to choose a theme. The themes available are recipe, craft + DIY, and blank list. This is where you add key details like ingredients for a recipe or materials for a DIY. You can copy and paste links, but they're not clickable.  Filling this section out is optional.

Below is what your details will look like when the story pin is live. Click the White Tab at the top to view the text. You can save details by clicking Copy List located at the bottom.  

Story Pin by Nail Thoughts

Click Next to write a title for your story pin and choose a board. Tags are optional, but this is a great way categorize pins by topics to target the right people. You can add up to ten tags. When you're finished, click Publish. Congratulations, you've made your first Pinterest story!  

Create Story Pins on Mobile

Open the Pinterest app and tap the + symbol at the bottom of the screen, then click Story Pin. Select images or videos from your phone to upload to Pinterest. Make sure to switch the toggle at the bottom to the right if you want each piece of content to be a new page.

If it's toggled to the left, all the images will appear as a slideshow on one page. Click Next, then you have options to rearrange, duplicate, and delete content. When you're ready, click Design to begin customizing.

In this example, I changed the background color using the Color Tool to match my video and added text. You can add a voice over, trim a video, create a filter, and add music to make a dynamic visual story! Static images on a single page do not have the option to add music or voice overs. A third party app like Kapwing is a great resource to create images with audio.

When you're finished, click Next to choose a title, board, and details like ingredients and supplies. You can add tags here as well. Click Publish and your Pinterest story is live!  

Are Story Pins Worth Your Time?

Pinterest story pins could be a great tool for new influencers and businesses looking to build awareness without an existing website. The editing capabilities and ease of use make this feature quick to learn without compromising quality.

That said...

For those looking to build their website traffic, story pins aren't the best option. The inability to add clickable links creates an additional step for pinners that requires copying and pasting text to a new window. With 85% of users accessing Pinterest on mobile and endlessly scrolling through content, it's imperative for links to be readily accessible. To make the best use of your time, create standard pins for content that's relevant to Pinterest.

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