How to Make a Story Video Online

Ready to start making amazing, engaging Instagram and Snapchat stories? In this quick tutorial, I'll walk you through the process of making story videos online in just three easy steps. Let's get started!

How to Make a Story Video Online

Instagram and Snapchat stories work best when they’re organic and spontaneous. After all, it’s a great way to keep your followers updated and make them feel like they're part of your adventures!

However, it is possible to plan your Story content in advance. A Story content plan helps you post regularly and keep your audience engaged. Consistency is key when creating content, and having a presence in the Instagram or Snap Story queue means you can reach and engage your audience in new ways. Great content creators and brands create a backlog of content, save them to their phone, and use them later for engaging, fun posts. You can easily recycle your existing YouTube or TikTok videos for this or batch your content so that you always have something interesting to post.

But how to quickly make a story video online? Well, Kapwing Video Maker makes it so easy it’s practically effortless: all you need is upload your video, select a story preset, and publish. Let’s take a look at it step by step:

  1. Upload and Adjust Video
  2. Select a Story Preset
  3. Publish

1) Upload and Adjust Video

Start out by going to Kapwing, select the Video Maker tool, and upload your video. If the video is already online, just copy and paste the URL directly. The upload will only take a few seconds!

Next, using the tools provided, adjust your video. There are no limits to what you can do: you can correct the color, brightness, contrast, and even add a blur. If you’re feeling creative, add something fun like emoji subtitles, an animated progress bar, or animated text to your video. Or, add images or shapes to make it more fun.

2.     Select a Story Size

Now that your video is ready, click “Crop” in the right-hand panel. You can crop the video manually, or you can simply use the presets available.

In this case, to make an Insta/Snapchat story video, you’ll need the “Instagram and Snap Story” preset. Move the crop area around to see which part of the video will work best, then hit “done cropping”.

Alternatively, you can resize the video canvas to 9:16 and drag the video to be centered in the middle of the Story. Use Kapwing's other tools, like the "Shapes" and "Text" tools, to add watermarks, stickers, and other design elements to your Story.

3.     Publish Your Video

If you're happy with the way your video looks now and the crop is sitting just right, you’re good to go! Simply hit “Publish” and download your video. Or, you can share it directly to social media.

If you do, tag @kapwingapp – we love seeing what our creators come up with!

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