How To Add Jump Cuts in a Video

Shows like "The Office" and other workplace sitcoms, frequently use jump cuts to showcase different characters doing different things, all within a given time frame. In this article, I am going to show you a fast and easy way to add jump cuts in your videos.

How To Add Jump Cuts in a Video

Whether you are a serious film maker, a YouTuber, or someone trying to share an impactful clip on social media, jump cuts can be a great technique to add polish and increase the tempo of your video.

The term "jump cut" refers to a video technique where part of a video is removed from the middle such that the clip "jumps" from the first section to the next with no transition. More generally, a jump cut can be any cut in which clips are appended with no transition.  

The jump cut technique can be used to show the passage of time or to cut out mistakes or dead time from the middle of a video. There may be jump cuts that take the viewer from one view to another, like different camera angles, or cuts that occur within one stream of footage. Shows like "The Office" use jump cuts to showcase the different characters doing different things within a given time frame. YouTubers often use this technique to increase the tempo of their video. Cathrin Manning, for example, uses jump cuts to remove stutters and make her speech more cohesive.

In this article, I am going to show you a fast and easy way to add jump cuts in your videos so you can increase the awesomeness of your film.

Here are the steps to implementing jump cuts in your videos:

  1. Open up Kapwing
  2. Upload your video(s)  
  3. Add the jump cut
  4. Edit your video
  5. Publish

Step 1: Upload to Kapwing

Head over to Kapwing's workspace and locate which tool you want to use. Here is a breakdown of your options to add jump cuts in your video.

The Video Maker - This is a great option if you are looking to edit an entire video with multiple clips, effects, etc.

Trim Video and Cut Video - Both of these specific tools can be found in the "tools" section in Kapwing. Just scroll down and choose which one you want.

Step 2: Upload your video(s)

Find your video or videos you want to edit. These can be ones on your phone, computer, or tablet. You also have the option to upload one from Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

Kapwing Studio upload screen

Step 3: Add the Jump Cut

After you have finished uploading your video, it's time to add those jump cuts! If you are using the Video Maker tool, click on the video and click on the "trim" tool under "video".

When you are in the trim section, use the "+ Add Cut" button. Drag to the sliders to the places you want to cut from the video. You can make these cuts as long or short as you like. You want to make the cuts look as seamless as possible, unless you want the video to look like it jumped in time. Since that is how I want my video to look, I am cutting a section out that doesn't pertain to the overall picture.

Once you are finished adding the cut, you can preview what the jump cut will look and sound like. To add multiple jump cuts, click the "Add Cut" button again and adjust where the second cut appears. Notice that the area that will be removed or cut out of the video has a slashed texture in the main slider.

Once the video with jump cuts looks good, click "Done" to return back to the video editing space.

If you use the Trim Video or Cut Video tools, they both take you to the same "trim video" page that I discussed above. It works as a shortcut to get to that specific section. When you are done editing, click "Done" and it will drop you out to the main video editing section.

Step 4 - Edit your video

Now, you can use Kapwing to apply other edits to the video with jump cuts. Want to add emoji subtitles? Why not. Add an AWESOME intro to the beginning or your video? Go for it. I personally like to add subtitles, a music overlay, or sometimes photo overlays if I am getting fancy.

Step 5 - Publish

When you are satisfied with your product, click on "Publish". This might take a few moments depending on how large the file it is. Remember, it's doing its thing so no need to micromanage. When it's finished, you can go right ahead and post it directly on Facebook or Instagram, or download for a later time.

Final download page

I hope this article helps you out when you are looking to add a jump cut into your video. Kapwing has some other great resources that will help turn your videos into professional looking content.

Check out this video tutorial about jump cuts below

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