Instagram offers four different font styles in “Type” posts for Stories. But if you have a brand font and want to stay consistent with your visual styling, you’ll need to use an image or video editor to insert custom font into your Story.

In this post, I’ll describe how you can add text with custom font to your Instagram Story using a free online tool called Kapwing. Kapwing’s digital Studio has a font library with hundreds of options so that you don’t have to use a basic, off-brand font. It includes all of the Google Fonts plus a selection of international characters so that you can find your go-to style.

Step 1: Open up the Studio

You can access the digital media studio from Kapwing’s homepage. Open Kapwing and click “Get Started” to create a blank canvas. Then, use the “Resize” tool to change the canvas from the default 1:1 square ratio to a 9:16 Story ratio.

Step 2: Add the Text

Head back to the main menu and use the “Text” tool to insert text onto your digital canvas. Input the text you like and position in where you want it by dragging the corners. You can also change the color of the text by setting a custom hex code or choose a swatch from Kapwing’s default palette.

Studio after adding plain Arial text

Kapwing’s Studio helps you design your Story around the font. Change the background color, insert animated GIFs, upload videos, and create shapes and stickers. You can make new scenes to animate your Story.

Step 3: Choose your Font

The default font is Arial, but you can click the “More fonts” button to browse the full font library. If you have a specific font in mind, search for it. Otherwise, users can browse the list of popular fonts and the comprehensive list to find a style they like. In my example, I use the “Permanent Marker” font since it’s a common font for our Resources section.

Make your font bold, add an outline, change the alignment, or put a rectangle behind the text to mimic Instagram’s wrap styling. You can also define how long you want it to last on your story by converting the Story canvas into an MP4 in Timeline. Kapwing supports as many text boxes and layers as you want, so feel free to create a custom design.

Creators can explore Kapwing’s other video editing options in the Studio, like animating text, using the Timeline to make the text appear and disappear, adding background music, or making a multi-scene slideshow. Here’s a video I made with two scenes and text timed out over a 5-second timeline.

Step 4: Download and Publish to Instagram

After you’ve finished and the Story preview looks right, click “DONE” to process your image or video. Kapwing will package your media together in the cloud then send you an MP4 or JPG to download. Because Kapwing is based entirely online, you can always “Edit” your Story, which means you can reuse the template for other Stories down the road.

Share the Story with your friends via the URL or download it to publish directly to Instagram or Snapchat from your camera roll. Make sure to tag us with #Kapwing for a like and follow! Kapwing is free to use, but in the free version the output will have a small watermark on it. You can pay a fee to remove the watermark or subscribe to our unlimited no-watermark plan.


Visual consistency is important for product and media companies to engage followers and develop a brand story. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use a brand font and templates for your Instagram Stories. You can also use custom fonts to decorate posts for special occasions like Earth Day or Valentines. Custom fonts in the Kapwing Studio are also useful for making blog covers, YouTube thumbnails, infographics for Pinterest, and a Facebook cover.

I hope this tutorial helps you craft on-brand Instagram Stories for your company, social media channel, or personal designs. Kapwing is designed for beginners rather than video editing professionals and supports videos, GIFs, and images, making it a perfect tool for social media marketers responsible for designing Stories.

We’re also a small startup, so we welcome feedback, ideas, and complaints from users. Please reach out over Twitter, Instagram, or email!

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